CTO Declares 2017 ‘Year of Adventure’


On the heels of last year’s successful Year of Romance, the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has declared 2017 the Year of Adventure in the Caribbean.

This year the region will celebrate everything from adrenaline-pumping active pursuits to local culture and casually sampling culinary experiences unique to a specific CTO destination.

Adventure comes in different degrees for travellers. For some, it is ziplining high above a valley or speeding around a motor racing circuit. For others, an adventure is simply exploring local communities to learn their language and customs, and teasing the senses with new cultural and culinary experiences,” said Hugh Riley, secretary general and chief executive officer of CTO.

The 2017 Caribbean Year of Adventure will be promoted through social media and traditional media channels and will create opportunities for travellers and vacation planners to share their experiences and ideas of an adventure-filled Caribbean vacation throughout 2017. CTO has adopted the hashtag #CaribbeanAdventure and encourages all member countries and hotels to use the hashtag when posting images via social media networks.

With a variety of destinations to discover, the Caribbean provides the ultimate vacation playground highlighted by picture-perfect landscapes and ideal weather for an abundance of land and water activities,” said Riley. The Year of Adventure will highlight the range of activities offered throughout the Caribbean. It’s a theme which can easily be embraced by all CTO member destinations 365 days a year.”

Throughout 2017, the CTO, in co-operation with its private sector partner the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, will assist member countries and hotels with an assortment of ideas which can be implemented around the theme of adventure to appeal to consumers, travel agents, and tour operators. Initiatives will be developed around: “Once-in-a-lifetime” getaways (volcano discoveries, helicopter tours, etc.); “There’s a first time for everything” vacations (ziplining, scuba diving, go-kart racing, etc.); Family and “friends-cation” discovery journeys (whale watching, swimming with dolphins, world-heritage site explorations, etc.); Wellness adventures (paddle board yoga, tai chi, etc.); Dine-around delicacy vacations focusing on unique food offerings.


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