Bonus Agent Rewards up to 110$/hotel. 3 days only

3 days only


17 to 19 June 2015

You earn BONUS ALIO $$ rewards on
Over 40 countries & 15 000 hotels
3 days to earn up to 110 ALIO $$ per room booked
Hotel Booking Amount You Earn
(1 ALIO $$ = 1 CAD $)
90-149 $ 2 ALIO $$ 3 ALIO $$
150-279 $ 3 ALIO $$ 5 ALIO $$
280-449 $ 5 ALIO $$ 8 ALIO $$
450-849 $ 10 ALIO $$ 15 ALIO $$
850-1299 $ 15 ALIO $$ 25 ALIO $$
1300-1849 $ 25 ALIO $$ 35 ALIO $$
1850-2449 $ 30 ALIO $$ 50 ALIO $$
2450-2999 $ 35 ALIO $$ 60 ALIO $$
3000-3749 $ 50 ALIO $$ 75 ALIO $$
3750$ + 75 ALIO $$ 110 ALIO $$
The ALIO Advantage: 1 ALIO $$ = 1 CAD$
No funny math – totally transparent
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More ALIO $$ !

Air Transportation

Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class, First Class – we offer them all to Europe from dozens of gateways across Canada.

Log into and choose from our large air menu of carriers.
We have choices for every budget.

Choose Star Alliance and SkyTeam for the largest choice of flights from Canada into Austria and Germany.

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Prepaid Transfers

Make us your choice for prepaid transfers in Europe.
Over 35 countries and over 1000 cities and towns offered.

Airport to hotel, hotel to cruise pier, cruise pier to train station and much more. Offered as part of a package or sold individually with no supplement for full flexibility.

Call or email us at

Locaboatwebsite or
consult the 2015 brochure.

Contact Alio for more details on commissionable pricing today.
Ask for Marie-Pier, our Locaboat expert.

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Locaboat Baïse

The finest ships on the rivers of Europe
The most inclusive itineraries
When you choose Scenic, you'll find that your vacation has no hidden costs. Scenic include all sightseeing, along with meals and highlight events and you won't be asked to pay for optional tours along the way. All of the excursions on your chosen itinerary are included in the cost of your vacation. Scenic even allow you to individualize your experience with their unique Scenic FreeChoice inclusions.
Call us at 1-888-999-ALIO (2546) or
Scenic Services
To view and order our new 2015 Europe River Cruise brochure, click here. New itineraries, new ships and still the most inclusive luxury river cruise itineraries in Europe.

Alio Dollars Agent Rewards
Loyalty Program
The ALIO $$ program is one of the best in the industry. The value of each ALIO $$ is equal to $1 Canadian and these ALIO $$ can be exchanged for a wide variety of gift cards and Visa cash cards. Agents can view their ALIO $$ balance online just like a bank account statement .

Alio Dollars Retailers

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for expert quotes and ticketing

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