Appreciated Guest and Travel Partner,

2020 started as a year full of good news and exciting new initiatives for Palladium Hotel Group: we celebrated
our 50th anniversary as a company and did so with many exciting projects in the pipeline. A short while later, as
you well know, we have all been forced into facing an unexpected enemy; Covid-19.

We all find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances. One thing we have learned during our 50-year history is
that our company would not be what it is today without people. They have always been our highest priority
and, as such, we have always ensured that it is their safety and wellbeing that has been paramount to our success.

For that reason, especially during these times, it is more essential than ever that we take care of our customers
and partners. We will now share with you details of all our planned measures taking place to ensure the utmost
safety within our hotels and, in turn, offer our Guests a worry-free vacation.

On behalf of Palladium Hotel Group, we want to inform you that we are implementing the instructions and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the expert authorities of the six countries in which we operate.

Our objective is to go above and beyond and, in addition to ensuring strict compliance with these indications, we are raising our standards in terms of safety, quality, health, and hygiene, by incorporating these new standards and protocols.

These implementations will ensure that we maintain excellence in the product and service that characterizes us and that our 48 hotels, both in America and in Europe, are safe environments where Guests are as protected and cared for as if they were at home.

Among these measures, we would especially like to highlight the following:

We are reinforcing the cleaning and disinfection work of every
one of the hotel spaces; such as bedrooms, communal areas,
meeting and event spaces, and staff work areas; as well as our
transport vehicles, the objects of common use and those items that
arrive from outside, such as luggage.

We will have hands sanitizer dispensers throughout all the
different areas of the hotel, and within the rooms themselves, so
that the Guests can make use of them individually.

Temperature checks with infrared thermometers will be
carried out on Employees, suppliers, and Guests, especially in
the entrance areas and closed spaces such as the restaurants,
gymnasium, spa, children’s area, etc.

The use of masks, gloves and disposable paper items will be
mandatory for staff from different departments and will also be
available in the rooms.

We will prioritize the use of single-use products to minimize contact
and establish protection systems at receptions and counters.

We will expand the medical services to preserve the health of
our Guests and our Employees.

We will ensure that a safe social distance of both Guests
and partners within the entire hotel complex is respected and

This distance will be of at least 2 m (6.5 ft.) between family units and it will be recommended a maximum density of one person
for each 2.5 m2 (26.9 sq. ft.).

This distance will be monitored especially in areas where
there may be a greater concentration of people
, such as
restaurants, front desk area, swimming pools, or beach areas.
The distance between hammocks, restaurant chairs, and tables
will be increased, and marks will be placed indicating the
distance to be kept.

We will encourage the use of reservations for different
services. This will be valid for restaurants as well as for the gym,
children’s areas and water area, among others.

Regarding our food and beverage service, we are reviewing
and adapting all operating procedures and quality manuals to
continue offering the highest standards of food safety.

We will encourage Guests to make dining reservations in

A maximum number of people in bars and restaurants will
be established
, as well as an appointment system to control
the access to these areas. Guests will also be escorted to their
tables that will be previously set up
with fully disinfected
tableware, cutlery, glassware, and napkins.

The service will be adapted to the new reality, in such a way that
individual portions will now be prioritized. The consumption
of single-use packaging, and the service of drinks at the
will continue to be offered. A la carte service and
personalized show cooking
will be promoted, and room
will be strengthened as an alternative.

In our quest to innovate and equip our hotels with the best
technology, we will implement an ‘ozone and mist disinfection
that allow us to purify the air.

We will encourage the use of technology so that customers can
check-in and check-out online.

We will promote the use of digital information via our applications
such as the hotel information, web portal, and television, in
such a way that we will eventually eliminate all unessential
in-room stationery, printed menus and brochures. Through
these channels, Guests will be able to make reservations for
access to the restaurant and bar menus
, and receive updated
information on all the available services, of hygiene and cleaning
protocols being followed. The application will also allow Guests
to make queries in real-time through a chat feature.

Additionally, we are studying the possibility of incorporating
allergen-free purified rooms to improve the rest and wellbeing
of our Guests.

Through the different channels and platforms available in each
hotel, we will share awareness and good practice messages,
inform Guests of all measures that are being carried out, and
will kindly request their cooperation to comply with them.

We are also providing our partners with the necessary
protective equipment and offering specific training. As such,
our staff, in addition to complying with all safety, disinfection
and cleaning regulations before and after each service, will be
fully trained to resolve any type of question in this regard so
that Guests can be kept as informed as possible.

Furthermore, we will establish a manual of best practices
as a mandatory requirement with all our Employees &

Palladium Hotel Group is fi rmly committed to continue implementing these and other measures to ensure that our mutual customers can enjoy a pleasant vacation.

These guidelines are certified by external laboratories. It is the result of an exhaustive analysis prepared by a Task Force Team conformed by Executives & Associates of Palladium Hotel Group experienced in the hotel operations in the back/front-of the-house areas and highly recognized by the industry for their years of expertise.

To ensure their compliance, the company has created the Palladium Hotel Group Global Customer Experience and Safety Council, which will be chaired by Raul Benito, Group Chief Operating Officer, and composed of Chief Operating Officers, Commercial Directors, Quality Directors, and Food & Beverage Directors of all company brands and hotels in all countries, as well as independent technical advisers.

Through this committee, we will continue reviewing our processes, strengthen our internal and external auditing system, and uninterruptedly update all operating procedures and quality manuals to always prioritize the safety, health, and hygiene in our hotels.

Likewise, these protocols and standards will be subject to the measures established by the different governments of the countries where we operate, and we will adapt their implementation based on the regulations and legislation marked by these authorities.

On behalf of the entire Palladium Hotel Group team, we want to thank you for your invaluable support, collaboration, and commitment during this complicated time for everyone. Thanks to you we are celebrating our 50th anniversary; together we have helped so many travelers to enjoy unforgettable experiences in our hotels, and thanks to you we are fulfi lling our mission of turning guests into fans.

We remain hopeful that this will all pass very soon, people will start traveling, and we will, once again, continue to make travelers from all over the world happy.

For more information, please contact your preferred travel partner,
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