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Christine knew she wanted to be a journalist since she was roughly five years old. Growing up, she spent hours pouring over the stories and photos from decades-old copies of National Geographic. After heading out on a mini Europe trip for the first time in 2016, Christine returned home to Canada determined to make a career for herself as a travel writer. Armed with an honours degree in journalism from the University of Toronto and an advanced diploma in journalism from Centennial College, she quickly found work as a freelancer and entered the world of B2B media in 2017. Christine’s writing career spans more than a decade. Also a published photographer, her work has appeared in several award-winning B2B and B2C publications including The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Asian Geographic, MSN, and Metroland Media.
Specialties include: luxury travel, culinary travel, solo travel, destination features, magazine writing, destination photography, photo essays
Favourite part of the job: Experiencing the unknown and learning to embrace the unexpected. Travel forces you to get outside of your own comfort zone and be fully present in your surroundings. I love the opportunity to connect with people and establish a relationship that allows them to put their trust in me to tell their stories. My other favourite part (if I’m being honest) is the food! Chocolate churros in Spain, fresh-caught seafood in Croatia, fresh scones with cream and raspberry jam inWales…I could go on and on!
Overall country count: 23 countries and counting (on four continents)
Best travel memory: Haggling over a carpet in Morocco. I’d only packed a carry-on but I was determined to bring home a Berber rug. After an hour or so of deliberations with the shop owner, I finally picked the design I wanted, but my travel companion wanted the same rug. In a combination of not wanting to bargain with the two of us any longer, and also to make us both happy, the shop owner grabbed the rug and a pair of scissors, and sliced it right down the middle! Now, half the rug hangs in my Toronto condo and the other half is somewhere in Switzerland.
What’s still on your bucket list: Everywhere. There’s nowhere I wouldn’t go. But in the next five years: Australia, Kenya, Scotland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, and Indonesia.