Explore Montana’s Mountain Magic

Canadians are so accustomed to the spectacular scenery of their own Rocky Mountains that they tend to forget that the show continues south of the border, from Alberta into Montana and beyond.

This bilateral beauty can be experienced by taking an international road trip that includes overnight stops at a trio of lodges located in Canada and the USA. This can be accomplished in a matter of days, giving visitors access to Rocky Mountain vistas, mountain lakes and hikes, followed by stays at very untypical lodgings.

The Glacier Park Lodge and the Belton Chalet in Montana, plus the Prince of Wales Hotel in Alberta, are all heritage properties with histories stretching back to the early 1900s. They are now all owned and operated by vacation supplier Pursuit, and offered as part of a Pursuit Collection.

This tour can be accomplished using Hwy. #6 from the Prince of Wales Hotel, in Alberta’s Waterton Lakes National Park, and proceeding south a short distance to the U.S. border. The Chief Mountain Border Crossing is open during the summer season only, closing on Sept. 30.

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