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    Concise news report within each issue featuring current national trade news and major destination reports. Known as the “most authoritative voice” of the travel industry. Annual Agents’ Choice Awards edition, bonus for subscribers.


    The content comes alive in this weekly hybrid edition of a print and digital magazine that features interactive components such as video, training and live chats in an easy to navigate format. Travel agent focussed sections make it easy for professionals to get the information and tools they need to be successful. travelcourier.ca

    Published: Weekly digital; Monthly digital/print

    Daily e-mail news service delivering news, appointments, changes, Pix of the Trade and provides first hand reporting from our Editors while on assignment.

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    Last minute deals, incentives and tools for travel agents direct from suppliers. Meant to make the travel professionals’ job of serving their clients easier and more cost effective.

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    Be the first to hear about upcoming webinars and Baxter Media’s unique learning webcasts from travel industry suppliers. Interactive, engaging and informative in small group settings. Participation is encouraged.

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