African Travel, Inc. Launches New 2024 Brochure

African Travel, Inc. has launched of its new 2024 brochure offering authentic wildlife and cultural encounters across 16 destinations in Africa from Cape Town to Cairo and its newest destination, Morocco.

African Travel Inc. also announced that it will be offering 90 MAKE TRAVEL MATTER EXPERIENCES across all of its itineraries from its newest journeys to the most popular itineraries that benefit wildlife conservation or local communities. Each conscious travel experience is carefully chosen for the positive social or environmental impact they have for the communities ATI explores as well as for their guests who experience them.

These experiences directly advance the Sustainability Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Sherwin Banda, president of African Travel Inc., said: “We are thrilled to unveil our new 2024 brochure and we are excited to introduce the enchanting realm of Morocco as our newest destination with its ancient traditions and stunning landscapes.”

Banda continued: “We will also support our Moroccan MAKE TRAVEL MATTER EXPERIENCES to help protect those traditions and cultural interactions in a meaningful way for our guests, local partners and the local communities we visit,”

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