Israel Tourism Soars


It seems Americans are falling for the Holy Land as, “2014 broke the record for American tourism to Israel,” reports Uri Steinberg, Israel Tourism Commissioner for North America.

“While the increase is modest over 2013,” Steinberg continued, “it is a considerable achievement in light of the troubles that affected our region during the summer of 2014,” he said.

Steinberg went on to explain that he believes many Americans see Israel as a ‘”bucket-list, must-see” destination, for whom, he continued, “it’s not a matter of ‘if’ to visit Israel, but ‘when.’”

The US is the number one source of tourism to Israel, representing 20% of the total, with more than 602,000 Americans visiting Israel last year. An additional 87,000 tourists came from Canada and Mexico, bringing the North American total to 690,000.