Trafalgar Brings Message of Confidence to YVR


Europe is open for business, regardless of dark world events, Liesa Bissett, product manager for Trafalgar (visiting from London) told travel agents in Vancouver during a quick mission to visit regional agents.

In addition to YVR, a team of Trafalgar brass also hosted events in Port Moody, White Rock and Victoria.

Bissett addressed trepidation that agents might be expressing with regards to travel to Europe, and especially France, following recent terrorist attacks there. “Of course they are going to feel a bit anxious and we understand their concerns,” she said. “But for one thing, security has never been higher.”

Bissett acknowledged that there was large number of cancellations following the terrorist attacks in Paris. But Canadians continue to travel, she said, and the bottom line for her is “don’t put your life hold, and don’t let the terrorists win.”

Trafalgar is helping agents and consumers focus on the enduring attractions of Europe with programs like “Be My Guest,” which gives Trafalgar clients exclusive insider experiences, like visits to a local farm or winery, or a privately owned castle.

Also increasing the attraction are the dollar-pinching Cost Saver products, value-driven itineraries that can average $114 per day in costs to the traveller. “We are showing that Europe can offer good value for the money,” she said.

Popular culture has also played a role in the choice of programs available for travel in Europe by Trafalgar. There is a tour in Ireland based on “Game of Thrones” locations and a tour in Scotland for those inspired to seek out the sites publicized by the “Outlander” TV series.

Joining Bissett in Vancouver from Trafalgar were Anita Emilio, Trafalgar VP of sales in Toronto; Quentin Lemmer, sales manager for BC, Yukon and Manitoba; and Tony Cacace, tour director for Italy.

Pictured, Bissett (centre) with Wendy Lamphear (l), manager of Travel Best Bets (by Jubilee Travel), and Claire Newell, owner/president of Travel Best Bets (by Jubilee Travel), based in Burnaby.