82% of Canadians investing in intentional vacations, survey says

If 2023 was the year for “revenge travel,” then 2024 is shaping up to be the year for intentional exploration.
A recent Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) survey conducted by YouGov reveals that 61 per cent of Canadians are planning to pack their bags within the next year—but this time with a purpose.

Canadians are trading impulsive getaways for mindful travel choices, seeking meaningful experiences that align with their values, aspirations—and tighter budgets. The same study reveals that 82% of respondents are opting to adapt their vacations in response to soaring costs rather than abandoning their travel plans altogether.

“In an era where every dollar counts, Canadians are choosing to invest in travel experiences that resonate with their budgets, values and desires” says Chadd Andre, executive vice-president for Flight Centre Canada. “With ‘revenge travel’ behind us, Canadians are becoming more intentional, booking well in advance while paying attention to cost-effective options, and favouring places that are less crowded.”

“Whether it’s through wellness retreats or bold adventures, our travel experiences mirror the varied interests of Canadian travellers and their budgets,” he added.

Survey highlights

Surveyed Canadians are adopting a strategic approach to their travel choices:

  • 86 per cent prioritize cost savings and exclusive deals
  • 74 per cent seek destination variety and uniqueness
  • 57 per cent value personalization and customization
    This mindset has resulted in a 35% uptick in tour bookings for 2023 over previous years, indicating the growing preference for value-centric travel experiences, with tours typically offering savings of up to 20% compared to independently booking the same itinerary.
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