SellOffVacations Is Making It New

SellOffVacations has launched its website re-platform and brand refresh. A work in progress since 2018, the brand has remained steadfast in its commitment to digital transformation for a faster and more unified user experience from start to finish, and the re-platform of is among the core improvements the brand is making to streamline the vacation planning experience for customers and agents.

Valerie Miko, Vice President of Retail at SellOffVacations, said: “We’re thrilled the new re-platform of is now live. Today’s launch is the culmination of our team’s hard work and dedication these past four years to transforming our digital technology.”

Miko explained that: “What started as a transactional website with an innovative discount model has become a community where customers can uniquely design their dream vacations with the support of our industry leading travel experts.”

She continued: “Our roadmap to digital transformation is built off the needs of our customers, and as their vacation dreams become more nuanced, so do we. We’re meeting our customers where they are and will continue to help them get the best value and make even the most ambitious vacations a breeze.”

Customers and SellOffVacations agents will appreciate enhanced web features and capabilities on the new website, including more prominent search widgets and visual aids, easier page navigation, more range in how product is merchandised and an uninterrupted digital experience as the website moves to a content management system, or CMS, providing an easier and more efficient way to create, manage and modify content online.

As part of the brand’s dedication to building a more dynamic user experience from the beginning to end of their travel planning journey, SellOffVacations has also introduced an entirely new look and feel, taking the brand from its traditional design and hues to a more vibrant and visual approach.

This includes a calming collection of cool tropical colours of blue and green that will be used to highlight different elements of the customer’s vacation planning experience, modern typography and an experiential approach to photography that inspires a feeling of desire and wanderlust. With these changes, the brand logo will remain the same as it continues to reinforce the brand’s values since its inception in the early 2000s.

In addition to the website re-platform, the brand’s new look and feel will be seen across all consumer and agent channels including email, storefront and out-of-home with enhanced store pages and more in-store events. In what will continue to be a future dedicated to digital transformation, the redesign reflects SellOffVacations’ brand story and unique expertise in making vacation dreams a reality.

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