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WestJet’s fare bundles have been live for just over one month now and the carrier is updating agents on them. Effective April 11, 2013, WestJet will move the P fare class to the Econo bundle. This will provide more availability for our guests that are primarily looking for the lowest fare option.á Please note that bookings on P fare class made prior to April 11, 2013, will continue to have the change, cancel and other Flex fare attributes associated to those bookings. As well, WestJet reports that the full reconfiguration of its fleet is almost done. Once complete, all 737s will have 36 inches of legroom in the first three rows of the aircraft. These three rows — as well as the exit rows — will be offered to guests as Plus fare seats. Guests sitting in Plus fare seats will enjoy advanced boarding, first access to overhead bin space and extra legroom. With the completion of the fleet reconfiguration, WestJet will be able to offer Plus fare seat selection at the time of booking and during check-in. Guests who purchase a Plus fare will have access to these seats for complimentary advanced seat selection along with other conveniences associated with their fare. As well, WestJet is now making these seats available to guests who purchase Econo and Flex bundles, when they’re available during the 24-hour check-in period, for $45 per segment plus applicable taxes. This is a great option for our cost-conscious guests who want the comfort of extra legroom but don’t need the additional flexibility that comes with the Plus fare. WestJet’s airport kiosks will be updated so guests will have the option to select a Plus fare seat when they check in at the airport, online or with a CSA.

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