A Done Deal

The shareholders of Ensemble Travel Group have voted in favour of an acquisition by Navigatr group in a deal that will yield benefits to members and suppliers alike creating a new and innovative consortium model.  The deal is expected to close at the end of May.

David Harris, CEO of Ensemble Travel Group — who will now assume the role of Chairman – said: “We are very pleased that the shareholders saw the myriad opportunities this deal offered for them from access to new technology and resources to the ability to streamline supplier contracts and programs,” “Among the many benefits is that Ensemble members will be able to transact as they have always done, but with access to additional revolutionary travel  platforms such as ADX, which offers agents instant commission visibility, one click insurance and more to improve efficiencies and earnings.”

Ensemble will remain a standalone entity within the Navigatr group with Michael Johnson of Navigatr becoming President.

Johnson said that: “As I have come to know the Ensemble team and members over the past several months, I am more confident than ever of the value that this new consortium model represents.”

He continued: “It’s been very gratifying to hear from members about their excitement at the additional opportunities and resources that will be available to them to grow and enhance their businesses. The new Ensemble is truly poised for significant network growth to deliver for all of our stakeholders.”