A First For Landsby

Landsby has been named a Founding Member of the new Agency of Change Trade Program by Regenerative Travel.

It is the first Canadian travel agency to receive this membership and joins a network of values-aligned travel agents who work to bring regenerative travel experiences to their clients, thus making them stewards of change in the travel industry.

Jason Sarracini, Founder and CEO of Landsby, said that: “If we want to evolve as an industry, the only way forward is to travel responsibly and with purpose. We are a work-in-progress and there is a lot of growth ahead of us. We will succeed by engaging, collaborating with, and promoting like-minded businesses,”

Landsby is actively focused on creating systemic change in the Canadian travel industry by working with local partners, amplifying the work of small tourism businesses, and encouraging enriching travel that builds connections between community and traveller.

Amanda Ho, Co-Founder, and CEO of Regenerative Travel, pointed out that: “Changing the travel industry for the better will require collaboration across all stakeholders, especially as solutions are not always straightforward and require the integration of various perspectives.”

As part of Landsby’s commitment to working closely with Indigenous partners, the company has proudly signed the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada pledge to make Canada the global leader in Indigenous tourism by 2030.

For more, go to www.landsby.ca .