A First Look At Sandals Royal Curacao

As the bus pulled out of the airport headed for Sandals Royal Curaçao, couples on board started exchanging how long they’ve been married.

“Thirty-two years,” exclaimed one couple proudly.

“Forty-four years,” boasted another, causing the bus to break out in applause.

“One day!” shouted a pair of newlyweds, garnering cheers all around.

It’s a fitting scene since Sandals Resorts International’s Executive Chairman Adam Stewart says the newly opened resort is designed for couples to soak up the sunset.

“Sandals as a brand is about two people in love. Our tagline is and has always been ‘Love is all you need’ — because everything else is included in Sandals,” he explained. “And the number one thing that customers are looking for to maintain romance, when they’re here in the Caribbean, is that sunset. So the wedding chapel, and the Island and the Awa suites are all completely designed to make sure we drive innovation, that we tried something new, and that we drive the core of who we are as a brand.”

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