A Helping Hand For Ukraine

Toronto’s The Bob Family Travel Team at Travelonly has become the latest travel industry firm to lend a financial helping hand to Ukrainians fleeing their homeland.

The agency is sending almost 100 clients, friends and 15 travel agents from Travelonly to Eastern Europe in May, with some of the visited countries bordering Ukraine and others now home to Ukrainian refugees.

“It is nice to know not one client has cancelled this trip since the war started and although some have questions we all plan to go forward,” says The Bob Family Travel’s Pat Probert.

The Bob Family and the Travelonly agents are currently raising money and supplies they will deliver to refugees staying at the hotel in which the group is booked in Romania.

Other supplies will be left for distribution and some will be taken to Budapest. “Help is needed now as the largest number of refugees since World War II is fleeing for their lives,” Probert adds.

Those wanting to donate money or supplies can reach out to Probert directly to make arrangements. Money will be used to buy supplies for refugees.

“Any amount of money will help. It will go a long way,” Probert continues. “We will personally deliver these goods.”

Probert says people are also welcome to fill suitcases with supplies that his May group will take to Eastern Europe.

Call 416-980-9999 or email [email protected].