TRAVELSAVERS CANADA advisors are now able to offer their clients one-of-a-kind immersive experiences around the world with the relaunch of the OnLocation program.

OnLocation has been expanded with new partners, enabling advisors and destination marketing companies to collaboratively turn their clients’ travel dreams into reality.

The program has tripled to 33 destination marketing companies which offer coverage in 65 countries. TRAVELSAVERS CANADA has invested in a devoted team and remarkable resources to accommodate the growing demand for personalized wow experiences around the globe.

Jane Clementino, Senior Vice President and General Manager, TRAVELSAVERS CANADA, said: “The OnLocation program provides our advisors with the extensive knowledge they need to become destination experts. OnLocation companies offer advisors access to a robust network of contacts that assist in curating bucket-list travel experiences for their clients.”

The OnLocation suppliers serve as a complement to the existing TRAVELSAVERS CANADA preferred partner portfolio and the partnerships with hotels and resorts, cruise lines, airlines, tour operators and rail providers enable agency affiliates to provide their clients with exclusive inventory, offers and benefits on a global scale.

By tripling the number of thoroughly vetted partners, advisors now have access to unmatched offerings and improved client service including 24-hour care for travellers.

TRAVELSAVERS and The Affluent Traveler Collection have invested in exceptional tools and resources to help advisors work alongside OnLocation experts.

The additions include a digital directory with information on each company, video tutorials, webinars, planning checklists, travel request forms and best practices for effective partnerships.

Advisors now have at their fingertips the OnLocation partner expertise needed to develop above-and-beyond itineraries for clients. From flying in a private helicopter over Botswana to becoming a street artist in Colombia, the sky’s the limit with OnLocation’s collaborative partner program.

As summer travel continues to be on the rise, the OnLocation program caters to client demand for interactive travel experiences, providing advisors with a competitive advantage in the marketplace both domestically and internationally.

Said Clementino: “Today, people are looking for captivating and unparalleled travel experiences, often prioritizing local cultural immersion and adventures. OnLocation offers advisors a network of contacts to bring these exceptional requests to life both at home and abroad, like a glacier cave adventure of Canada’s southernmost ice fields in Whistler, British Columbia or a whale watching zodiac watercraft tour in Bay of Fundy, Digby, Nova Scotia.”

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