A Little Feng Shui From Hong Kong

Travel agents got the lowdown on feng shui Wednesday courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

The board had long-time feng shui consultant Safrina Kadri  provide insights during a Baxter Media webcast about something that has long played a major role in Chinese culture and beliefs, with Kadri finishing her comprehensive presentation by telling viewers that she hopes “you guys will be able to put it (what they learned during her talk) into action.”

Kadri helps people direct the energy produced by feng shui to produce greater prosperity and happiness.

Hong Kong is an ideal place for those interested in feng shui, with the Hong Kong Tourism Board webcast hosts noting that that destination actually has feng shui tours in a part of the world that has famed architecture based on feng shui principles.

The feng shui tours can be found on the tourism board’s website.

Viewers were told that Hong Kong is continuing to prepare for the normalization of tourism and again welcoming the world’s travellers, and will update travel agents on when their clients can return as soon as authorities give travel the green light.

Tourism authorities continue to reach out to travel agents through the likes of the Hong Kong Specialist Programme, which provides numerous benefits to travel agents.

More information can be found at www.PartnerNet.hktb.com.

Meanwhile, Baxter Media wishes to congratulate Tagen, one of the participants in a quiz the HKTB organized for those who registered for the webcast. Tagen answered 8 of 10 questions correctly and won a gift card for doing so.

Participants clearly demonstrated a solid knowledge of Hong Kong during the quiz, with, for instance 64 of 80 correctly stating that Hong Kong has over 260 outlying islands.