A Little Luxury From Ovadias Tours

Luxury travel operator, Ovadias Tours has been serving the Canadian and US markets for more than 60 years with programs in Greece.

The operator wants travel advisors to familiarize themselves with what it offers by going to www.ovadiastours.com and www.greekislandsandtours.com .

On its www.ovadiastours.com website, Ovadias Tours asks advisors to:

  • Please click on “Luxury” http://www.ovadiastours.com/luxury/ for VIP’s & Celebrities packages.
  • Please click on “hygiene & safe protocols”, our services for travel to Greece with safety.
  • Then click on the “Best of Greece” which is Santorini & Myconos Packages. Depending on the client’s preferences, advisors will find “Mykonos -Santorini” 7 days 3 difference packages that include The lux; The deluxe; and The luxury and many more.

Advisors can explore more than 100 packages to Greece that Ovadias Tours has on the bars of our website on which advisors will earn 20% commission.

As well, a must to click on for advisors is “Yachting,” “Shopping,” “Events & Meals” and above all “Visit Greece.”

Advisors will find all the information they need to know about Greece on http://www.ovadiastours.com/visit_greece/

Secondly, travel advisors are asked to view Ovadias Tour www.greekislandsandtours.com website where they have a choice of photos and  packages to attract their clients or to book online hotels or tickets.

The operator says that the two websites are money makers if advisors introduce them to their clientele.

Both websites are copy-paste in order to help advisors achieve sales for their benefit and that advisors can translate automatically in the language of their preference at the top of Ovadias Tours home page on your right hand.

For more, go to www.ovadiastours.com or www.greekislandsandtours.com .