A New Story Unfolds

While Sarain Fox may have a new title – she’s now a partner – with the TreadRight Foundation, as she sees it, all it does is “just expands some of the work that I can do in a more official way and broadens the scope of our relationship – the possibilities of the projects that we can be involved in together and how I can advocate from the TreadRight side as well now, especially in [the area of the TreadRight Foundation’s] People pillar.”

The People pillar is one of three pillars defining the TreadRight Foundation’s activities around the world. The others include the Planet pillar and the Wildlife pillar. ( )

For Fox, TreadRight’s latest initiative took her to Australia, where the Foundation and Contiki Cares teamed up to launch their first artisan grant in Australia with the KARI Foundation’s aboriginal cultural unit.

On the travel side, the new program is designed to provide millennial travellers with immersive indigenous experiences to help them better understand and appreciate the culture and community that have existed in Australia for at least 50,000 years.

But there is a world beyond travel in this project as Fox points to the KARI Foundation’s “incredible work in Sydney [Australia] to advocate for child and family services.”

“They’re working directly with families to help inspire, advocate and provide tools for aboriginal children to stay in touch with their culture and to be inspired and to have ways to access their culture,” Fox told Canadian Travel Press.

“When I was there,” she continued, “I learned that most inner city youth [in Australia] don’t have any way to access their aboriginal land, ceremonies, stories, arts – and all of that is really important and very similar to [the situation] here [in Canada], so providing those opportunities is really, really important.”

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