A Perfect Choice

Smoking volcanoes, languid sloths, hot springs and beaches, playful butterflies, plantations and rainforests – if you said Costa Rica in answer to the question of what destination has all of these attractions, you’d be right.

In fact, Stéphanie Bishop of the Globus family of brands, will tell you that: “There’s no denying that Costa Rica is a wonderful destination for an immersive vacation.”

And not surprisingly, Globus features three carefully crafted tours of the Central American country.
Says Bishop: “Our tours are all about interaction and adventure, from horseback riding to kayaking to birdwatching.”

Even better, when your clients travel on one of Globus’ escorted tours they’ll be in the company of people from around the English-speaking world and accompanied by an expert, experienced guide who will take care of all the details.

The Globus family of brands’ portfolio features itineraries ranging from seven to 14 days, including chances to extend and customize your vacation.

Prices for Costa Rica tours start at CDN$2,569 per person (airfare not included); sister company and value-brand Cosmos’ Costa Rica tours start at CDN$1,329 per person (airfare not included).

And Globus is offering early booking incentives so that when you book a client on one of the company’s Latin America vacations for next year – between July 12 and Sept. 12 this year – you’ll save them 10% (save $50 with Cosmos’ Latin America tours) and receive a CDN$200 per person air credit. Prices quoted above do not reflect these early booking bonuses.

“Costa Rica is home to an astonishing five per cent of the world’s bio-diversity and with Canadians’ growing interest in the environment and preservation it’s a great choice for a back-to-nature tour,” says Bishop.