A Positive Experience Is All That Matters To Travellers

Consumer behaviour continually changes, but the volatility we have experienced over the past few years has brought this into even sharper focus. All industries are having to adapt to these changes and re-examine how they meet consumer needs and wants, and the travel industry is at the front and centre of this transformative time of change, writes Julie Kyse, VP, Global Air Partnerships, Expedia Group in the latest issue of Canadian Travel Press.

At Expedia Group, Kyse notes, “we have released our Expedia 2023 Air Travel Hacks Report, providing travellers with the latest tips to save time and money on flights.”

Created in partnership with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and leveraging insights from its global air ticketing database, the annual report has become an authority for eight years running on air travel trends.

The report reveals data-backed hacks for travellers, including the best day of the week to book a flight at the lowest price, how to minimize the risk of being impacted by delays and cancellations and tools for finding the best fares.

The creation of demand through tips and tricks such as these is important across the whole industry, particularly for flights, as we move through the pandemic and into recovery.

For the full story, check out the latest issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.