A Silver Lining To Share With Your Clients

“Travel challenges have never been more in the spotlight than in the past year. For TICO registrants, I believe there is a ‘silver-lining’ to share with consumers,” observed Richard Smart. “When there is so much uncertainty,” TICO’s president & CEO continued: “why not promote the added consumer protection you offer as a TICO registered business? We have such a strong travel marketplace in Ontario and I believe the added consumer protection that’s offered is something that will resonate with consumers now more-so than ever.”

As for 2022, Smart told Canadian Travel Press: “Looking back at 2022, it was all about rebuilding as we started to come out of the pandemic. We saw restrictions drop off and consumer demand skyrocket. There was uncertainty, and at times, it was a bumpy ride as the industry came back to life after more than two years.”

TICO’s boss observed: “I continue to be optimistic for 2023. There’s a real desire by consumers to travel and a greater appreciation than ever before of the value of travel professionals. I think consumers are also much, more, wary about the challenges that may arise with travel and looking for reassurance and for system-wide confidence to be restored.”

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