A Smashing Success

2022 was a good year for St. Kitts’ tourism and on the strength of its performance over the past 12 months, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority is confident that 2023 will bring ongoing growth in arrivals, as strategic programming, product development and positioning aligned with the new Venture Deeper brand campaign will continue to differentiate St. Kitts and drive continued success.

Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, CEO of St. Kitts Tourism Authority, observed that: “This year laid a strong foundation for St. Kitts in the tourism industry as we received a multitude of prestigious awards and improved relationships with key stakeholders that are vital to our success as a destination.”

And he continued: “Building on our progress, St. Kitts is committed to increasing airlift presence on-island, amplifying relations in source markets, and increasing destination visibility overall in 2023.”

The St. Kitts Tourism Authority is also placing a heavy focus on relationships with local stakeholders. A synergistic approach to tourism efforts between the Tourism Authority and local community will amplify the amount of funding available to the island for improvements on roadways, hospitals, sustainability initiatives, and the schooling system, for a truly symbiotic relationship.

Marsha Henderson, Minister of Tourism, International Transport, Civil Aviation, Urban Development, Employment, and Labour, noted that: “The tourism industry in St. Kitts continues to positively impact the economy. Our efforts to diversify our products and services will continue to create more job opportunities and drive a desire to visit the island all year long. The platforms and processes implemented throughout 2022 have increased efficiency across the board and will advance our successes as we look forward to our 2023 goals.”

Sustainable tourism, a trend within the industry that is gaining rapid momentum, is woven into the foundation of St. Kitts. With such a rich culture and history rooted in the island’s natural spaces and offerings, sustainability in all its forms is considered a lifestyle by the local population.

The commitment to preserving and nurturing the spaces that tell stories pivotal to the island’s identity is evident through its numerous initiatives. As a world-wide leader in the sustainability space and one of the only locations in the world with a growing rainforest, St. Kitts’ efforts to protect biodiversity, natural resources, culture, and history are at the forefront for 2023.

With Kittitians at the heart and soul of the island experience, 2023 will also bring new opportunities for travellers to build relationships with the local community. The Tourism Authority aims to spread the joy, culture, and history of the island through the eyes of its most valued residents. St. Kitts is relatively new to the tourism industry, and if 2022 is any indication of the future, the island will continue to radiate great warmth and success in the new year.

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