A Welcome Decision

The director of India Tourism Toronto is welcoming India’s decision to begin offering Canadians electronic tourist visas in May, a decision he says greatly eases the visa process for those of us wanting to visit his homeland, reports Ian Stalker in this week’s digital edition of Travel Courier.

Anil Oraw says the new visas are available at , eliminating the need for sometimes inconvenient visits to Indian diplomatic missions.

“You don’t need to go anywhere [to an Indian diplomatic mission],” Oraw said during a Toronto reception. “You can sit in your office and log in [to the visa site].”

Those wanting a visa can pay online as well.

Canada was one of dozens of countries India decided should be entitled to electronic visas.

Tour operators that send people to India frequently complained that the old system of getting visas was a disincentive for people to visit India.

Oraw acknowledged that Canada is a “large country” and many Canadians live far from Indian diplomatic missions.

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