A World Of Possibilities For Travel In 2022

The highly transmissible Omicron variant certainly had a very negative effect on the Canadian travel industry, with severe government restrictions either scaring or demotivating prospective Canadian travellers looking to escape a very harsh winter in many areas of the country, writes Eric Barber in the latest issue of Canadian Travel Press.

This had the making of the first winter where the agency community could have profited from Canadians booking their package vacations in the south. Unfortunately, it was greatly affected by yet more restrictions.

Compounding this are the events in Ukraine this week where the world looks on in horror as warfare returns to the streets of a country in Europe.  I am sure every reader hopes that some sort of peaceful solution can be brought to this situation as quickly as possible.

With Omicron behind us, and despite the war in Ukraine, 2022 has the hallmarks of being a breakout year for the Canadian travel community. I cannot help but have a very optimistic view of what 2022 will bring to us.

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