Aboriginal Tourism In The Spotlight At RVC


Aboriginal tourism took the spotlight during Rendez-vous Canada Tuesday, with Keith Henry, chief executive officer of the Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada telling Rendez-vous delegates that aboriginal societies represent “the true history and culture of this country.”

Hundreds of aboriginal companies across the country create a “very culturally diverse” tourism scene, he told his Montreal audience.

Aboriginal tourism has been prominent during the show, with a section of the show floor being set aside specifically for it.

“We are part of Canada …” Henry said. “We want to encourage you to know our industry is advancing …We want you to visit our communities.”

Tuesday’s presentation featured aboriginal musicians from the North and the show is featuring aboriginal tourism exhibitors from across the country promoting different products and cultures.
“Aboriginal tourism is not homogenous,” Henry stated.

Rendez-vous host city Montreal is also preparing to celebrate its 375th anniversary in 2017, with Gilbert Rozon, ambassador for the upcoming event, telling delegates Tuesday that there will be hundreds of shows throughout the city next year.

Rozon, founder of the city’s Just for Laughs festival, said “the funniest city in the world” will see a “carnival atmosphere” in its downtown core for much of next summer.

“If you’re serious, if you’re boring, don’t come to Montreal in 2017,” he joked.

Seen in the photo, from l to r, are Destination Quebec’s Katie Papadopoulos and Juan Pablo Suarez,