AC Preferred by Business Travellers

Air Canada is the preferred airline for domestic travel for 92% of frequent business travellers, according to the Ipsos Reid 2018 Canadian Business Traveller Survey.

The national study determined Air Canada is the only Canadian airline to see a consistent increase in preference and in usage for the past five years. Additionally, readers of Business Traveler named Air Canada “Best North American Airline for International Travel,” as well as “Best North American Airline for Inflight Experience.”

“This year’s Ipsos Reid Canadian Business Traveller Survey confirms Air Canada is the preferred airline of Canadians who fly most often and that its lead over other carriers continues to widen. The 2018 results revealed the broadest margin of frequent traveller preference for Air Canada versus our domestic competitors since 2014, and we are especially pleased that this positive trend is seen in all regions of Canada,” said Lucie Guillemette, executive vice-president and chief commercial 0fficer at Air Canada.

The 27th annual Canadian Business Traveller Survey is an online survey conducted independently by Ipsos Reid, based on business travellers who took a minimum of six round trip flights for business in the past 12 months. The results showed consistently strong ratings in customer preference for Air Canada’s frequent flyer reward program, convenient flight schedule and customer service.