Home Agents’ Choice Awards 2018 Asked & Answered…

St Vincent and the Grenadines…unspoiled and un touched..hope it stays that way
– Debbie Marcotte ON, Adventure House Travel
Varadero, Cuba – best beach in the world – softest sand, whitest and the cleanest
– Sherry Lazcano ON, Adventure Travel
Kewakapu Beach Kihei Maui-whale sightings, turtles, warm water,great walking beach
– Audrey Edwards AB, Algonquin In The Park Travelplus
Cayo Guillermo in Cuba – beach was gorgeous with beautiful clear blue water and soft white sand
– Christina Cameron AB, AMA Travel
Hawaii, many of them, the smell in the air and year round temp
– Margaret Vann AB, AMA Travel
Varadero because It is spectacularly beautiful and also I got married on it!
– Laurie Matheson AB, AMA Travel
Turks and Caicos – long uncrowded beach and beautiful sand. Water doesn’t drop off quickly
– Cathy Matieshin AB, Artistic Travel
Maldives. The water is gorgeous, warm and the beaches are powdery white and silky.
– Bernadette Russell BC, Bains Travel Service
Paradise Island – Bahamas. Gentle breezes p, crystal clear water, great atmosphere.
– Jim Aziz ON, Baja Group Consultants
Fort Myers Beach, FL
quiet, long, clean, with things to do
– Heather Martin Taylor ON, CAA North & East Ontario
I took a G Adventures tour though Thailand, we were fortunate enough to camp on Hong Island, which is uninhabited. It is open to the public as a park during the day but closed at night. The most amazing beaches ever, buts Mexico and the Caribbean to shame!
– Sarah McKimmie BC, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
There have been many but what comes to mind is Mykonos, Greece but Hawaii has always been a favourite – actually, Maui!
Jamaica stayed in Ocho Rios – beautiful beach and crystal clear water which cooled you down when it was hot but not too cold that you could not get wet.
– Sue Behrman ON, Carlson Wagonlit Victor Travel
St Lucia at the Grand St Lucian. They water and the sands are wonderful. you can walk for hours and enjoy the water
– Monica Houle ON, Carlsonwagonlit Travel
St Lucia. Clear Clean Very enjoyable. Great Beach to Walk
– Monica Houle ON, Carlsonwagonlit Travel
Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos. Most beautiful beach I’ve walked on
– Teodor Mihail ON, Centre Holidays
Cayman Islands – seven mile beach – just the most incredible sand and clear water. Looks like liquid glass as the waves rolls in
– Trudy Reimer MB, Charleswood Travel
Mayan Riviera – powdery white sand and crystal clear blue water
– Michelle Rowan MB, Charleswood Travel
Siesta Keys, Sarasota, FL. Turquoise water, clear and white sand long beaches. Breath taking
– Barbara Lecker MB, Charleswood Travel
St Lucia…on a cruise with my family and it was perfect 🙂
– Karen Lymburner BC, CM Travel
I have not been to a lot of beaches. but Bavaro beach in Punta Cana was impressive.
– Amber Kelly AB, Crossroad Travel
Turks and Caicos can’t beat the beaches and water there!
– Sheri Bennett AB, Custom travel
Cayo Coco, Cuba – you can walk for miles and forget about your troubles, the people are so friendly and the drinks are cold – couldn’t ask for better!
– Lindsay Paine ON, CWT Blowes Travel & Cruise
varadero because it is white sand , very long beach and no one harassing you
– Ncole Boudreau NB, dalhousie travel
Punta Cana, because you can see the ocean from the resorts pool deck and you don’t have to walk a mile to get to it
– Lisa Doney ON, Destinations Travel and Cruise Centre
Whitehaven Beach – Whitsunday islands, Australia – 7 km of amazing white sand, azure blue water and almost no people.
– Deborah Olsen AB, DOGO Services
My favorite beach is in Florida. Although, there are many lovely beaches in the Caribbean, Florida beaches stretch for miles.
– Gail Boyes ON, Expedia Cruise Ship Center, Barrie
Sandals ochio rios Jamaica. For the reasons above and their care for its conditions
– Doris Whelan On, Expedia cruise ship Centers – Castlemore Brampton
Dominican Republic – clear water, white sand, not many people, best bbq lobster, cold beer
– Lori Burrows ON, Expedia Cruise Ship Centers Oakville
Sunset Beach Oahu. Why? People, Scenery, Water, the drive there.
– Stephanie Harvey ON, Expedia Cruiseship centers
Beaches in Aruba – beautiful crystal blue waters, clean and not too crowded.
– Adele Proulx ON, Expedia CruiseShip Centers Newmarket-Aurora
Anywhere on Grand Cayman – I have spent the last two weeks on Grand Cayman and every day is a new beach that is absolutely stunning and is truly breathtaking contrast between the sand and the ocean.
– Sharon Whalen NB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Galion Beach, St Maaten. Great big and long swimming/wading beach, but there is an area of reeds full of marine life to explore.
– Bonnie Little ON, Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Zanzibar – east side. Softest and whitest sand in the world!
– Cathy Driedger AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Maui – so many beautiful sand beaches. Or rocky spots for great snorkeling.
– Sandra Van der Veen AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters Chinook
Boracay, Allan, Philippines – The breach stretches for miles and sand is so smooth and white that it feels like flour. The hotels and restaurants are right there and nightlife is great. Scuba diving iscdon close. Proximity to airport as well. Close to a church for Sunday Mass.
– Liz Poblete AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters, Fish Creek Office in Calgary
Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos – Beautiful and private and not too far from East Coast.
– Deborah Bowers NS, Expedia CruiseShipCenters Halifax
St. Thomas. The beaches are beautiful soft sand with the bluest water.
– Yvonne Hurst ON, Expedia Cruiseshipcenters Markham
7 Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica is one of my favorites for its clear waters and beautiful sunsets
– Catherine Pederson AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters – St Albert
Most of the beaches in Exuma Bahamas are amazing. Clear water, warm water, beautiful white sand and not at all crowded ever!
– Virginia Slater AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters Terwillegar
Harvest Cay in the Bahamas. This is a privately owned island and the beach was spectacular as well as the colour of the water.
– Lynda Johnston ON, ExpediaCruiseShipCenters
Pilar Beach, Cayo Guillermo, Cuba. Beautiful water and sand. Great for water activities, such as kitesurfing. Not very busy so it’s more pleasant to visit
– Sherri Anne Arsenault ON, Fareconnect Waterloo
Morocco – largely undiscovered as a beach destination by North Americans, so it’s a new and exciting destination for my clients.
– Sydney Ackerman ON, Flight Centre Bayshore
Honestly, it’s the beach in front of the Grand Wailea in Wailea, Maui
– Chris Cassady AB, Flight Centre Mission Calgary
So far I love the beaches in Cayo Santa Maria Cuba they are long beaches with White sand, beautiful blue waters and very well kept. Second to that would be beaches in Nassau Bahamas
– Kayla Mitchell ON, Flight Centre Upper Canada
Aitutaki, Cook Islands. The atolls and small islands are swimming with incredible sea life and the locals have such a beautiful culture tied right in to the sea
– Clea Eloise BC, Flight Centre Vancouver
My favorite beach is at Huntington Beach in California. I love the peer with the 50’s dinner and I love all of the discount shopping. The people there are friendly, the sun is warm, the horizon goes on forever and the beach is never crowded.
– Lina Netznik NB, Freedom Tours and Travel
Nassau has the clearest water and best beaches that I’ve ever seen.
– Janet Evans ON, gala travels
Paradise Island, Nassau. Clean, clear water and white sand. Also, Cable Beach in Nassau. Same reason.
– janet evans ON, gala travels
Aruba – Palm Beach. Beautiful white sand, crystal clear water. Clean beaches
– Erin Serson ON, Goliger’s TravelPlus
Placencia, BZ. safe, swimable, white sand and in a great country.
– Heidi Hurst AB, Heidiway Travel (TPI)
Stretches of the Mayan Riviera where the beach has not been eroded by storms eg. at the Barcelo Mayan resorts.
– Karen Weber ON, Imagine Travel Inc
Grand Turk because of the clear water and abundance of shells
– Linda Petrow SK, Ixtapa Travel
Cayo Santa Maria Cuba has the most beautiful beaches in the world.
– Lois Follett Nl, Legrow’s Travel
My favorite beach is on Koh Kood Island in Thailand…the water is so warm and clear, and the island is so quiet and remote and untouched.
– Kelly Young BC, Lloyds Travel & Cruises
Aruba! Under the hurricane belt, warm turquoise waters. no big wave crashing. Beautiful beaches.
– Yvette Kohut BC, Maritime Travel
Cayo Guillermo…hands down best. Powdery sand like flour and turquois blue water. Just stunning.
– Susan Doherty ON, Maritime Travel
Negril for its soft sand, long walking beach and calm waters!
– Denise Matheson NS, Maritime Travel
Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, powder white sand where you can walk for miles. My grandparents had a condo on that beach and I grew up going every year as a child.
– Tracie Pawson ON, Maritime Travel
cancun/ its close enough to home but far enough to be exotic
– Robin Zayonce AB, marlin travel
Cook Islands because it is calm, relaxing, crystal clear, and warm.
– Becky Cheley AB, marlin Travel
Cook Islands ( Rarotonga/Aitutaki) Unpopulated pristine beaches where you can snorkel forever and see no one, ultimate relaxation. Also Varadero Cuba beaches you can walk out forever and the water is so warm and calm. ( When its not windy of course )
– Jamie Powers BC, Marlin Travel
Fiji because the beaches go for miles and they are white powder and unbelievable
– Kathryn Plaudis-OConnell AB, Marlin Travel
Green sand beaches & Black sand beaches in Hawaii. Something so different & incredible to see.
– Amber Travis NB, Marlin Travel
Karon Beach in Thailand. I remember this pristine beach before the big hotels went in …so it will always be one of my favourites.
– Heather Wihak BC, Marlin Travel
Negril Jamaica the water is clean, blue and has lots of sea life right off your resort beach. the sand is soft and not hard to walk in at all
– Amber Barnabe MB, Marlin Travel
Tahiti & Polynesian islands. Beautiful beaches as well as stunning sunsets and scenery.
– Jennifer Anderson ON, Marlin Travel
Maroma Beach in Mexico. The sand is soft and light. You want to throw a towel down a absorb the warmth of the sand as it molds to your body
– Tiffany Durcak ON, Marlin Travel the Travel Centre
Turks & Caicos at Beaches was the best!!! It was so long and white, just loved it.
– Linda Roulston ON, Marlin Travel The Travel Centre
South Pacific, has the most dramatic landscape for beach/mountain/ocean
– Kelsey Baron AB, Merit Travel
Turks and Caicos – long, white sand beaches, calm turquoise water
– Trina Zajkovski ON, Merit Travel
Bora Bora – haven’t got there yet but from everything I have read and heard I must go check it out!
– Debbie Peterson BC, Mt Doug Expedia Cruiseship centers
Boracay. sugary white sandy beach. inexpensive meals and lively nightlife.
– Nestor Sumulong ON, new wave travel
Gall Face, Sri Lanka. Serene and whiter than white beaches.
– Gary Swayze ON, New Wave Travel
Baby Beach in Aruba because the water is so crystal clear and shallow for little kids.
– Julie Evans AB, Newwest Travel
Big Beach, Maui. Wide, white sand beach with lots to do: snorkel, boogie board, swim, skim board, hiking…
– Helayne Hauw ON, Nexion Canada ULC
Jolly Beach, Antigua. Stunnig white sand, crystal clear water, sheltered cove.
– Dave Humphrey ON, Northstar Travel
Tahiti they have the clearest water, beautiful white sand beaches everywhere.
– Douglas Buck ON, Norwich Travel Service Ltd.
Grace Bay, Provo, Turks and Caicos. You can’t beat this 12 mile beach with white sand and beautiful clear turquoise water
– Judy Chuntz ON, Now Destinations
Bahamas. Way off beaten track, low crowds, deep and long.
– Paul Nielsen ON, Paragon Travel Agency Ltd.
Karabi Thailand – outer islands. blue waters meet lush tropical forest
– Crystal Chapotelle AB, Paull Travel
Hamilton Island Australia. Seven miles of heaven in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Sun kissed and unspoiled
– Sandra Pauwels ON, Pauwels Travel Bureau
Playa Conchal, Costa Rica – quiet, semi-private, very few people, white sands, gentle surf
– Katie Randell ON, RIT Vacations
tough question, there are so many, Auitutaki was pretty spectacular!! perfect in every way!
– Kathy Hannah BC, Roblin Travel and Cruise
Phuket Thailand The people are so friendly, you feel safe and can walk the beaches for hours
– Valerie Miko ON, SellOffVacations
Cayo Largo Cuba. Safe, calm and warm. Perfect place to swim with kids.
– Keira Anstett ON,
Whitehaven Beach Australia. It is to die for it has the softest white sand and the clearest warmest blue water I have ever seen.
– Jenna Gowland ON, selloffvacations124
Siesta Key Florida – amazing white sand and super wide beach. Gorgeous
– Mona Thomson AB, SKyland Travel/
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. Best white sands, clean, and safe.
– Ruida Lu ON,
New Zealand…so many long beautiful beaches that are safe to swim in and not crowded.
– Christine Elliott BC, Sunsational Vacations – The Travel Agent Next Door
Abaco, Bahamas – Because the turquoise water with the colourful starfish. The beach houses with the fish-fries in the evenings after a day of Bone fishing. The beautiful golfing on the edge of the ocean. Peace!
– Debbie Poisson ON, The Travel Agent Next Door
Cook Island. Muri Beach. Beautiful Crystal clear turquois water and flour like sand
– Donna Wright AB, The Travel Agent Next Door
Faial Portugal – Private place, amazing view of Pico Island. Breath taking and different.
– Marissa Rodrigues ON, The Travel Agent Next Door
Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos because it’s the paradise in everyone’s dreams.
– Lori Smith SK, The Travel Agent Next Door
Railay Beach Thailand I was just there and it is fantastic
– Tina Shank AB, The Travel Agent Next Door
Turks & Caicos – definitely the best, whitest, most powdery beach in the world..
– Ramona Amormino ON, The Travel Agent Next Door
La Digue Island in the Seychelles. The island is fairly remote, the water is crystal clear and there are lots of fish – if you don’t mind them nibbling on your toes!
– Lesley Keyter AB, The Travel Lady Agency (South Travel Inc)
Bloody Bay, Jamaica – crystal clear waters, long white beach, usually swimable even when other beaches are red flagged
– Angela duQuesnay AB, Tier One Travel
Negril many years ago when it was miles of sand ,now very overgrown.
– Sybil Narine QC, time travel
Cuba has the whitest sand, Samana DR has the softest sand
– Connie Moss AB, TPI
Most beautiful beaches are in South Africa. Pristine sand and no crowds!
– Sandra Ayoub ON, TPI
Nassau, Bahamas. Stunningly beautiful. Not overwhelmed by commercialism. Amazing people.
– Christine Cameron ON, TPI
The beach at Hilton Barbados facing the marina is a pretty beach with powdery white sand, crystal clear water, and gently lapping waves. It’s not the most magnificent beach ever, but it was one of the first beaches my husband and I spent time on together, just before the birth of our first child. It left such an impression that we took a photo of that beach to the hospital when I went into labour as something that I could focus on during the tough times!
– Natalia Weidner ON, TPI
Cuba …love the people the music and the beaches are stunning
– Celeste Kerschbaum BC, Transat Travel
Juan Dolio Beach in SDQ. White sand, blue water and it rains very little. Easy to find a private spot to swim and relax.
– Patricia Smaglinski ON, Transat Travel
Maroma Beach , Mayan Riviera. the sand is so soft in your toes, and white .
– Cathy Ieritano ON, Transat Travel
Orient Beach St Maarten Loved the sand the color of the water
– Karen Whiddon AB, Transat Travel
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. It has crystal clear waters and the sand is powdery soft.
– Michelle Kendall BC, Transat Travel
Turks and Caicos Grace Bay Beach is a 12 mile stretch of fine sand and bluest water you will ever see. I just love to walk and look at the water very claming
– Kathrina Rourke ON, Transat Travel
Varadero has really beautiful beaches with the clear water and the white sand.
– Lee-Ann Kluzinski MB, Transat Travel
Maroma Beach in Mexico, beautiful white sand and clear waters with lots of activities and great resorts
– Morgan McNally AB, Transat Travel St Albert
Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba – soft white sand and few people.
– Cindi Hawkins BC, Travel Best Bets
Turks and Caicos in Provo, beautiful, pristine white sand with the bluest of blue water. The beach is 13 miles long.
– Karen Kloosterman BC, Travel Best Bets/Jubilee Travel and Tour
Punta Cana. Just gorgeous and clean beaches. You can see the sea life through the water so clearly.
– Monte Elniski Aguilar BC, travel by design
My favourite beach would have to be West Bay, Turks. I have not seen better water but again, I have not been everywhere yet,
– Mike Gatenby ON, Travel Only
Beaches in Korcula, because everywhere on the Island they were so different, rocky, sandy but crystal clear waters.
– Emma Moxley ON, Travel Professionals International
Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba – white sands, long stretches, variety of types
– Annette Tomlinson ON, Travel Professionals International
Jamaica, Sandals South Coast…pristine, long, white sand, clear, warm water, not busy.
– Luana Johnsgaard AB, Travel Time Inc
The beachs I have heard so much about and would love to see one day is Antigua
– Paul MacKenzie AB, Travel VIP
Bahamas – Grand Bahama Island – the sand was like icing sugar it was so soft, the water so clear – could see the bottom even when far from the beach
– Kelsie Abrahamson AB, TravelOnly
Cuba because they are the nicest I have seen and they have nobody hassle you on them for sales.
– Pierre Laforge NB, TravelOnly
Negril, perfect white sand beach, turqouise waters, miles of beach to walk on.
– Patty Tchorek ON, Travelonly
Kaanapali Beach at Black Rock in Maui. Wide, gorgeous beach with fine sand, blue green water, calm bay to swim and fabulous snorkeling right there! Lots of sea turtles. Heaven on Earth.
– Sherri Gorjanc BC, Tri Star Travel and Cruise
7 mile beach Negril, Jamaica. Beautiful long beach. Caribbean Sea by my side!
– Resi Hoglander BC, TTI Canada
Cocos Islands, Australia – stunning beaches calm waters, I was taken in by these islands, they were voted the best beaches in Australia and most Australians dont even know where the Cocos are
– Louanne Fradsham ON, uniglobe
Hawaii, the big Island. Crystal clear water, powder white sands and black volcanic rock.
– Dawne Wilson BC, Uniglobe Direct Travel
Cuba – almost anywhere as you can walk for miles without worry of being stopped by sales people.
– Virginia Viragh ON, Uniglobe Donaldson Travel
punalu’s beach because its unique and once in a life time experience
– Alesha Kaduk BC, Uniglobe one Terrace BC
Varadero – no matter how hot it is, the sand doesn’t burn your feet
– Karena Graca NB, Uniglobe one travel
Eagle Beach in Aruba. Beach is spotless, water so clear you can see all the marine life. It’s so fun when you have angel fish swimming up to you when you are in knee deep water.
– Lynda Westlake ON, Vision Travel
Bermuda – the sand is pink and the texture of baby powder.
– Bonnie Levinson QC, Vision Travel Solutions
Pink Beach Bonaire… the color of the sand (pink), the endless ocean view and the few people you share the beach with… also a great spot to snorkel or dive from
– Jane Mark ON, Vision Travel Solutions
The Beach at Source D’Argent in the Seychelles Islands. Because it is in my country.
– Flavie Grandcourt QC, Voyage Polar Bear Travels Inc.
Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba was the best beach I have been on. The sand was like baby powder. Unreal!
– Carmen Gareau AB, Word Travels