Asked & Answered…

Photoshoot in freezing December in Ontario
– Ruida Lu ON,
That the bride’s parents who were divorced to be on separate floors and away from each other
– Lynda Westlake ON, Vision Travel
a lady at the yeg bridal show asked me to go all inclusive to hawaii but cannot transit thru the usa as her fiance has a criminal record.. oh dear
– Barbi Sykes AB, uniglobe one travel
Needing a private pool where no one could see them at all – I didn’t even ask why!
– Sydney Ackerman ON, Flight Centre Bayshore
My clients wanted to be married on a deserted island in French Polynesia and have a reception there too!
– Keira Anstett ON,
Honeymoon on safari – walking safari
– Johan Beukes ON, TravelOnly
going back packing
– Alesha Kaduk BC, Uniglobe one Terrace BC
Can you guarantee that it will NOT rain?
– Sheila Armstrong BC, CruiseShipCenters, Westwood
to guarantee good weather
– Laurel Dahlen BC, J & K Travel Professionals
clients wanted a au naturel wedding 🙂
– Melany Tremblay QC, voyages fontainebleau
To have a Hummer drive down the beach with the Bride inside instead of walking down the aisle. The Hard Rock Puna Cana said no!
– Tiffany Durcak ON, Marlin Travel the Travel Centre
Honeymoon at Disney World. Adults going to Disney World is just weird to me.
If could have a room close to her parents
– Valerie Miko ON, SellOffVacations
‘I’m also brining my girlfriend to the wedding…are you able to ensure that her and my wife wont run into each other on the resort?’
– Sarah McKimmie BC, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Base Camp Mt Everest – never materialized
– Paul Watts ON, Maritime Travel
Bunk Beds
– Susan Doherty ON, Maritime Travel
to supply the bride
– Celeste Kerschbaum BC, Transat Travel
can we bring our dog to be a wedding attendant?
– Toni Lachance BC, Expedia CruiseShipCenters Westshore
A couple wanting to get married in destination in Jamaica and for me to guarantee that it will not rain on their wedding day, otherwise they were not going to book with me??
– Cathy Ieritano ON, Transat Travel
That the mothers of the bride and groom are not placed near each other at the resort because they do not get along
– jenna gowland ON, selloffvacations124
Long before it became popular to have Indian weddings in Mexico I booked one to Dreams Tulum, clients were pretty upset they couldn’t cook their own food. They took a lot of food with them and just figured they could go to the kitchen and make all the ethnic food for the wedding
– Sharon Saliken BC, Transat Travel
Destination wedding I did a few years ago did not want both sets of parents to attend. Turned out that it was their 3rd marriage for each of them
– Barbara Lecker MB, Charleswood Travel
I had a groom ask for a recommendation in Costa Rica where he could get tooth extractions and implants done cheaply, while on his honeymoon! He had heard that the dental standards were decent and cheap.
– Karen Weber ON, Imagine Travel Inc
to have a ‘ free upgrade ‘ from the lead in room to an overwater bungalow because its their honeymoon
– April Caldwell BC, flight centre
Clients wanted their Dead grandma to perform ceremony…….yeah.. enough said.
– Gor Mahal BC, Expedia CruiseShipCenters Westwood
Asked for none of those monkey things in Mexico. lol
– Jai Voyer MB, Out’N About Travel
where Royalty goes, but affordable Mauritius
– Young Loo Chin Moy QC, Expedia Cruiseshipcenters TMR
Mother of the Groom asked me to change the destination when all was done otherwise she would not go. Yes it was done.
– Carmelina Pirrocco-Crawford ON, Adventure House Travel
You won’t believe me when I’ll say that a client had asked only brochures for Eastern Canada and when I offered him Caribbean/Mexico instead since it was for a honeymoon…he replied ‘no thanks we feel un-safe with ‘AIDS’ that’s going around! True story!
– Nicole Theriault ON, marlin travel
Private Beach – wanted to walk out of room and nobody around, totally private but all inclusive
– Nellie Follings ON, Vision Travel
Iceland at New Years
and they absolutely loved it!
– Elaine Kerr ON, Visioin Travel
I am now sending the bride and groom for a wedding I did 15 years ago with their 4 kids 🙂 But that’s after the fact.
– Christine Elliott BC, Sunsational Vacations – The Travel Agent Next Door
Hike Machu Picchu Trail
– Sandra McLeod ON, RedDoorTravel
Father of the bride saying he does NOT fly and wants to take a ferry from USA to PUJ
– Kathryn Fisher ON, Carlson Wagonlit Travel Midland
3 days weekend trip to Tahiti for a honeymoon weekend and then back to work
– Robin Zayonce AB, Marlin travel
Staying in a tent teepee to watch northern lights in Norway and then next night in Ice Hotel in February
– Cathie Moroney BC, Uniglobe at Vancouver Canucks
Fiji for 52 people
– Anne Gibas AB, Newwest Travel
Pad the pricing and give the difference to the bride and groom to help pay for the wedding itself
– Allison Henders AB, Vision Travel
The bride was Roman Catholic and the Groom Persian. We had to arrange a priest, get permission from Priest here, Do a church wedding in Mexico one day and two days later a full on Persian Wedding…
– Ethel Davey ON, Uniglobe Enterprise Travel Ltd.
treehouse in costa rica
– Cory Benedict AB, transat travel
an around the world cruise for 4,000total.
– Stephanie Palmer AB, AMA Travel
Most of the wedding party wanted to bring their pets with them.
– Susan Edwards NS, TTI CANADA INC
The couple that asked for the beach with an angle of 12degrees , also asked me to demand the Hotel give them a big discount because they didnt drink . I cant name the 5star resort but the answer was no . They were mad.
– Melanie Petit QC, Maison de VOYAGE
Underwater wedding in Greece!
– Bonnie Levinson QC, Vision Travel Solutions
Little island of the coast of Dominican Republic
– Vesna Bozovic AB, Alberta Motor Association
So far it’s not too wild…a crib for their baby that was coming along on their honeymoon!
– Michelle Karpik ON, Expedia Cruiseshipcenters
A resort in Hawaii where they serve southern fried chicken.
– Rose Palmieri ON, Expedia Cruiseshipcenters, Vaughan
I had someone just recently ask for a trip to Bora Bora for 4 days from eastern Canada.
– Lina Netznik NB, Freedom Tours and Travel
Find me an antique aircraft museum or airshow that we can spend a couple of days experiencing
– Jane Mark ON, Vision Travel Solutions
Camping overnight on Flamingo Island (Aruba) Not allowed
– Marie-Therese Nyman ON, Travel Professional International
A brother and sister wanted a destination wedding at the same time to save on their family’s travel expenses.
– Kristy Richardson AB, AMA Travel
Disney honeymoon
– Jerrecca Devereaux AB, The Destination Experts
bonfire on beach in Cuba, campfire is not allowed in Cuba
– Bruna Carbone ON, Romantic Planet Vacations
9 hotels on 9 islands in Portugal
– Shani Persaud ON, Sunshine Travel
To get married at 6am? Crazy!
– Laura Tempan AB, Sun Touch Travel- TPI
the bride wanted her fiance’s parents at a sister resort miles away
– Sharla Duchscherer BC, Travel Professionals International
Honeymoon request – Thailand elephant sanctuary
– Trina Zajkovski ON, Merit Travel
Having Ariel from the Little Mermaid calling the honeymooners to their room to wake them up.
Nude beach and multiple a la carte restaurants at the same resort!
– Bob Young BC, Lloyds Travel
Separate beds on their honeymoon, She said husband was a thrasher in bed.
– Juanita Antle AB, Marlin Travel
Do we have to be married to do a destination wedding?
– Heather Moffatt ON, Ellison Tours
this is no joke , once I was asked to book a honeymoon but the groom could not get off work , so the Bride went by herself
– Laurraine Payne ON, Northstar TRavel
Couple want a room with 2 beds
– Linda Nykulaik MB, Linrose Expert Travel
bride’s parents were split up and would not travel on the same plane OR stay at the same hotel
– Shanon Roberts BC, Vision Travel
Iceland in the winter
– Elaine Kerr ON, Vision Travel
cave wedding
– Micaela McFarquhar ON, Romantic Planet Vacations
Was there a package they could purchase for a ‘trash the dress’ the day after the wedding.
– Renee Herman AB, TPI Inspired Custom Travel
Bride wanted to wear her custom made white bikini at her beachside wedding in Antigua the clergy refused to perform the ceremony until she was properly covered
– Lillian Neave ON, Royal City CarlsonWagonlit Travel
2 separate beds for the bride and groom’s room
– Teodor Mihail ON, Centre Holidays