Home Agents’ Choice Awards 2018 Asked & Answered…

It was the Sea World San Diego, my clients funniest experience is when they were soaked with water from top to bottom after one of the shows…
We had to ‘hunt’ down Snow White. Very elusive. Finally got the photo.
– Ana Tremblay ON, Algonquin Travel TravelPlus
Counting kids (7) in this family that ended up in line with me at every ride.
– Kristy Richardson AB, AMA Travel
I have clients who took their 4 granddaughters aged 5-8 to Disneyland. They brought me a beautiful picture of them after they had been to the Bippity Boppity Boutique and they loved meeting the princesses!
– TIna Myles AB, Bridges Travel & Tours
GETTING OFF THE Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith at Walt Disney World and falling to the ground in front of my 4 children.
– Marylin Long PE, CAA ATLANTIC
travelling with Granny and using her scooter as their ‘storage’ for the day
– Janelle Moskal ON, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
It actually happen to me. Took my friend and her 3 year old to Sea World Orlando. We sat at one of the shows and my friend decided to sit in the splash zone. ‘How bad can it be she proclaimed?!’ We might as well have just got in the pool with the animals. The 3 year old girl was so mad that she went to the trainers after and said ‘your doggy got me wet!’ She made us sit at the back of the theatre for every show since that. Even the ones at Disney.
– Danielle Bartley ON, Carlson Wagonlit Travel Pickering
A lady was dressed like a Cat. she was going to the Halloween Party. One of the employees said to her ‘ you do know this park is run by a Mouse’.
– Monica Houle ON, Carlsonwagonlit Travel
Meeting Balloo and King Louie at Disney World, and the kid got involved with them. They treated him as if it was the movie – King Louie saying ‘have 2 bananas’ and telling him he can stay with him, then Balloo coming and trying to rescue him
– Teodor Mihail ON, Centre Holidays
It’s tough to be a bug, a client sat down on a wet seat. That some little kid peed on the seat but it was just water mist from the stage
– Barbara Lecker MB, Charleswood Travel
My previous employer took all of us to Canadas Wonderland and it was just incredible.
– Amber Kelly AB, Crossroad Travel
Clients were afraid of the roller coaster at Disneyland but when they learned that a local fellow who was 85 rides it everyday they thought it can’t be that bad!!!!
– Sheila Armstrong BC, CruiseShipCenters, Westwood
Spending family time with no cell phones
– Heather Moffatt ON, Ellison Tours
We were on the Jurassic Park ride at the Universal Orlando, It started to rain, if anyone knows this ride they will know it is SLOW. It rained harder, and Harder and HARDER until we were all completely soaked!!! Everyone in our boat just started laughing and laughing harder.
– Stephanie Harvey ON, Expedia Cruiseship centers
Going on a ride that they didn’t realize went upside down.
– Adele Proulx ON, Expedia CruiseShip Centers Newmarket-Aurora
Feeding giraffes at Busch Garden … 18 inch long purple tongue pulled the lettuce out of his hand!
– Cathy Driedger AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Standing in line for what we thought would be a great reide judging by the lineup and finding out it was for the bathroom. 🙂
– Sarah Kostiw BC, Expedia Cruiseshipcenters
Lost muffins on big dipper
– Elaine Saint BC, Expedia Cruiseshipcenters North Vancouver
My kids were so chatty that by day 3 at Disneyworld they were being greeted by name throughout the park … including security where they offered to help move the line along by assisting to open backpack zippers
– Manya Faria SK, Expedia Cruiseshipcenters Saskatoon
Me and my cousin turning 70 at Knotts Berry Farm, CA…rode everything – even got wet-giggling through it all
– Mary Jane Dubyk AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters – Sherwood Park, AB
Losing a bathing suit at Wet N Wild in Orlando
– Lynda Johnston ON, ExpediaCruiseShipCenters
Peeing their pants on the Matterhorn at Disneyworld
– Chris Cassady AB, Flight Centre Mission Calgary
Going on the Hulk ride at universal studios and the person behind us was screaming hysterically the whole time it was hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing
– Kayla MitchellC ON, Flight Centre Upper Canada
When I was younger no one in my family liked fast and high rides. We were at Universal Studios Orlando, I decided to ride Jurassic park raft all by myself at 11 years old and there was an unexpected drop. I sat at the back, looked at this lady and her son freaking out, then a massive wave came splashing down after we headed over the waterfall at the end.
– Lauren Martin ON, Let’s go travel
turned away from trying to get onto a kiddy ride
– Linda Nykulaik MB, Linrose Expert Travel
They just had lunch, and remembered that they were on a timer for a ride that made them lose their lunch!
– Bob Young BC, Lloyds Travel
No funny ones…but I did have 2 of my clients get engaged in front of Disneyland’s Castle!
– Kelly Young BC, Lloyds Travel & Cruises
I was at Disneyworld with my 6yr old niece for her birthday . We saw the line up to meet the princess and decided it was too long. but when I took her to the bathroom, there we met the Princess ! so she had an autograph for her little book. No line up !
– Melanie Petit QC, Maison de VOYAGE
in Disney world i was waiting for my daughter to come out of the dress up boutique and my husband pinched me and i turned around and thought it was goofy so i slapped him. turned out he and my husband were both on it and i felt silly to think that a Disney character would of done that.
– Amber Barnabe MB, Marlin Travel
Multiple client’s showing me pictures of them on roller coasters LOL
– Amber Travis nb, Marlin Travel
First time ride on Tower of Terror – the photo is always priceless
– Stefanie Dakin ON, Marlin Travel Niagara Falls
Going on the scary rides at Knott’s Berry Farm.
– Susan Morrison BC, Marlin Travel – Sidney
They were so surprised when Mickey came up to see them, the little girl cried.
– Linda Roulston ON, Marlin Travel The Travel Centre
4 year olds first time on the log ride….the expression on her face was priceless.. she looked like she was thinking ‘What am I doing on here?’
– Thelma Caldwell SK, McGregor’s Travel
My clients have never told me anything that was funny, but loved being at the animal kingdom at Disneyworld in Florida.
– Myrna Collins ON, New Wave Travel
Some clients got to participate in one of the Christmas parades.
– Julie Evans AB, Newwest Travel
we went to wonderland with friends several years back and my girlfriends husband Rich was making fun of my husband for not riding rollercosters so we opted for the white water canyon, and as soon as we go off it he threw up ….
– Laurraine Payne ON, Northstar TRavel
The parents being more scared than the kids on the big rides (this is very often). Also how many lose a shoe/hat/sunglasses and even shorts!
– Judy Chuntz ON, Now Destinations
smooching Mickey Mouse as a young teen..made her giggle
– Alexandra Hale ON, Pacesetter ravel
Family went to Disney World and the parents were so tired they were taking shifts to go back and forth between the parks they were so tired they forgot which hotel they were staying at and had to call me to confirm
– Valerie Miko ON, SellOffVacations
getting tricked into a rollacoaster ride which was supposed to be just adventure thru jungle scariest moment in my life when I saw the climb
– patricia dokuchie ON, selloffvacations
My client lost her purse on the log ride with her passports and credit cards! We had to cancel everything and get her new passports. Ugh worst day ever but totally hilarious thinking back.
– Keira Anstett ON,
They were followed by Minnie and mickey mouse and the children loved it.
– jenna gowland ON, selloffvacations124
I think just watching their children and their reactions to the characters.
– Christine Elliott BC, Sunsational Vacations – The Travel Agent Next Door
ET Ride at Universal. Headed onto it for the 3 or 4th time that day for my daughter. I say to keep it fun as we enter and give our names to the ride operator, let’s be Charles, Diana, William and Kate. So as we exit ET will say goodbye to the Royal Family. 3 of us go through and my daughter says ‘Jessica’ instead of Kate. Then realizes she made a mistake and tries to correct it. Now the whole family, especially her pre-teen brother, dies of embarrassment because it’s drawn attention to our silliness! We laugh every time we recount that story.
– Jennifer Perry ON, The Travel Agent Next Door
When a little boy screamed uncontrollably when he saw ET.
– Renee Herman AB, TPI Inspired Custom Travel
did a whole day at Universal studios when it was pouring rain
– Cathy Ieritano ON, Transat Travel
My clients went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney world and the husband was trying to take a picture and he stood up in the boat ride and lost his balance and fell into the water!
– Michelle Kendall BC, Transat Travel
not clients went to canadas wonderland met dean McDermott.. made a fool of myself oh my god Dean McDermott love your show.. he was thanks and looked like oh my god not another fan… look…lol
– renee halushka AB, Transat travel
Throwing up on themselves after an extreme roller coaster ride and then upon exiting the area his shorts fell down. All while being sick.
– Mike Gatenby ON, Travel Only
Clents took their 80 year old grandma on the California Screaming roller coaster
– Sharla Duchscherer BC, Travel Professionals International
Universal. Passengers volunteered to do silly things i.e. sit on a rocket chair, wear a flight helmet with scarf on neck being blown with a Fan. Result – An amazing war and cowboy movie.
– Maura Canavan ON, Travel Professionals International
I am a roller coaster fanatic, Cedar Point has everything you need to satisfy any roller coaster addict 🙂
– Holley Dayman ON, TravelOnly
Mistaking a celebrity for a regular person by bumping into them at the universal studios hollywood theme park.
– Monika Monist ON, Tripcentral
I had clients run into their neighbours at Universal. They travel together every year now
– alexandra biddle ON,
My daughter re-measuring her height several times daily to see if she grew any taller to get on the more adventureoys rides.
– Ruby Silvertown ON, Twil travel corp
My clients have told me that the best part of their children’s Disneyland trip is the hotel pool!
– Dawne Wilson BC, Uniglobe Direct Travel
A client once accidentally knocked Mickey Mouse over!
I have not received any stories yet since im still fresh to the job
– Alesha Kaduk BC, Uniglobe one Terrace BC
Taking a family group to Disneyland for the first time and seeing the kids’ expressions.
– Matthew John Bellomo BC, Uniglobe One Travel