Home Agents’ Choice Awards 2018 Asked & Answered…

A helicopter pick up on the side of the 401 in Toronto because he was going to miss his flight to NYC and miss the Concord departure to Paris. He was a key note speaker at Cannes. And yes, I delivered….
– Laura Adams ON, A Nash Travel
to pick up their dentures when I went to Holguin Cuba from the dentist, and yes I delivered
– Louanne Fradsham ON, Uniglobe
Cobra dinner and drink the blood in South East Asia. Yes I fulfilled it.
– Carmelina Pirrocco-Crawford ON, Adventure House Travel
I rescued their Duty Free from security on a trip with them to Curacao.
– Sherry Lazcano ON, Adventure Travel
Migration of birds in South Africa and Goway help to get the itinerary
– Rauf Alda ON, Alda Tours Inc.
To drive to Africa, and no
– Susan Williams ON, Where2Now / The Travel Agent Next Door
A client wanted to take a train to Hawaii. That bridge has not been built yet.
– Kristy Richardson AB, AMA Travel
Peanut butter on an Antarctic cruise. G Adventures did
– TIna Myles AB, Bridges Travel & Tours
Helping a lady to bring her cat to Canada from Greece and yes, it did happen.
– Rachel Souster SK, CAA Saskatchewan Travel
a cruise departing from Las Vegas!
– Melany Tremblay QC, Voyages Fontainebleau
A very complex private drive tour of Scandinavia. Yes, Goway was able to help me deliver.
– Emily Vail ON, CAA South Central Ontario
To have no screaming kids on their flight….. Couldn’t guarantee that so gave them earplugs (just in case) with their documents!
– Christina Hlusko ON, CAA Travel (NEO) Ltd
can I adopt a panda….what is the process……?
– Pamela Aderdice ON, Carlson Wagonlit
a special vintage car to rent. I could not find one
– Fraudelle Glaser ON, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
My client wanted M&Ms in the room with all the brown ones removed. He heard a rock star did this and it’s how he would know the hotel would listen to his request. After 20 minutes of non-stop laughing with hotelier I was able to get him a room with M&Ms minus the brown ones. Client happy and thinks he is privileged.
– Danielle Bartley ON, Carlson Wagonlit Travel Pickering
A room on the 2nd floor – we don’t want ground floor nor do we want third floor – and oceanview if possible. Yes I was able to deliver
– Teodor Mihail ON, Centre Holidays
I recently had a client say they hate hot weather and want me to send them somewhere south where they won’t be too hot and they will have more clouds. I tried to explain i can not control the weather, but did proceed to google average temperatures all over the Caribbean for the time of year they wanted to travel.
– Amber Kelly AB, Crossroad Travel
Looking for a companion-no
– Lynda Ferguson ON, Cruise Holidays of Metro East
Please don’t tell my wife that I am taking my mistress on this vacation. Sir, we have a ‘privacy policy’ so not to worry!!!!
– Sheila Armstrong BC, CruiseShipCenters, Westwood
Guarantee the weather. No
– Anca Rintala ON, CWT
Can I go on a dog’s led drive. Yes
– Heather Moffatt ON, Ellison Tours
Camel Ride in Australia and was able to arrange
– Adele Proulx ON, Expedia CruiseShip Centers Newmarket-Aurora
To spend a week in an Amish village! Used google to research customer request. Provided available information to customer & they proceeded on their own.
– Mohamed Azeez BC, Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Oddest request was a client who wanted to ride a whale, I told him he could swim with dolphins, but riding whales was a bit out of my range.
– David Barzey AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters
A flight to Cameroon so that she could work in the Chimpanzee sanctuary
– Cathy Driedger AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters
Travel one way from Vancouver to Port Said in Egypt – and I do not fly.
– Dan Peach BC, Expedia CruiseShipcenters -Lynn Valley
Want to see full moon in Alaska
– Elaine Saint BC, Expedia Cruiseshipcenters North Vancouver
Get a flight cheaper than $89.00. And no!
– Lise Hodgson ON, Expedia CruiseShipCenters Ottawa
Arrange a proposal in Johannasberg
– Jana Barz AB, Expedia CruiseShipCenters St. Albert
wanted to cuddle a Koala and yes! Goway was awesome in heling me
– Beverly Simpson Headon AB, Expedia cruiseshipcenters – Valleyview
Client wanted to Kiss a Camel, so sent them to egypt, got a hold of supplier before hand to help arrange, and they did….was awesome…
– Gor Mahal BC, Expedia CruiseShipCenters Westwood
visiting the Orangutang sanctuary
– Karen Marsh NL, ExpediaCruiseShipCenters Newfoundland
Milking Yak in Mongolia… No I wasn’t!
– Jasmine Thoo BC, Flight Centre
Book client into Hotel/Clinic that does Hair Turkey.
– Ellen Laughland BC, Flight Centre Independent
A resort in a little town in the Philippines…Yes
– Chris Cassady AB, Flight Centre Mission Calgary
Can I take my pet rabbit with me on holiday? Convinced her that if she really loved her bunny- best to find a pet sitter!
– Kimberly Smith BC, Global Marine Travel
He didn’t want to fly in baggage class. Yes I delivered
– Linda Nykulaik MB, Linrose Expert Travel
African Safari with a stop in Germany and London.
– Maryanne Wagstaff NS, MACS Travel
‘Please seat me in a row and ensure no one is seated beside me’….ah, no. How can I possibly deliver that!??
– Susan Doherty ON, Maritime Travel
If we sold tents! No.
– Denise Matheson NS, Maritime Travel
They wanted to pilot of the plane to acknowlege their birthday on the intercome and sing happy birthday. No the pilot did not do this lol
– Yvette Kohut BC, Maritime Travel
Clothing optional accomodation
– Dianne Cruise BC, Maritime Travel
If they could take knitting needles in the flights
– Michelle Donders BC, Marlin travel
A cruise cabin for seven people. Persuaded them to take two cabins so that they get two bathrooms and enough closet space for all.
– Jennifer Anderson ON, Marlin Travel
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Yes
– Bernie Forbes BC, Marlin Travel
client wanted to do a river cruise from Amsterdam to London, England. Ended up booking a tour of Britain
– Thelma Caldwell SK, McGregor’s Travel
Western style toilets up Mount Everest!
– Kelsey Baron AB, Merit Travel
Carrying a penguin on a tour. Yes!
– Bernie Abromaitis BC, Merit Travel
Iraq, in the middle of the Iraq war. and NO
– Jeff Clarke ON, Murdoch Travel
Hike Inca trail on their own – not possible
– Sandra McLeod ON, RedDoorTravel
Client wanted to change destination while in flight. Nope 🙂
– Karilynn Brock BC, Roblin Travel
If I could guarantee there would be chocolate bars in the mini bar in the hotel
– Valerie Miko ON, SellOffVacations
Chocolate covered strawberries every day in their room – and yes, I got it done!
– Houry Dervichian QC,
If they could have rooms with no windows as they felt safer without them
– Jenna Gowland ON, selloffvacations124
Wanting to take a cruise from Orlando! No we were able to negotiate and go from Port Canaveral on the coast!
– Mona Thomson AB, SKyland Travel/
Bar hopping district. Yes.
– Ruida Lu ON,
ride an ostrich and no I wouldn’t deliver as it is against my morals and values
– Coreen Doucett ON, The Travel Agent Next Door
Sleeping in a tree – in AFrica – and yes we did
– Lesley Keyter AB, The Travel Lady Agency (South Travel Inc)
at a family wedding in Mexico, to have rooms as far away as possible from another couple – yikes!
– Connie Moss AB, TPI
Wanted an ocean view room in Vegas. I had to tell him that there was not an ocean near the strip
– Rob Stockman ON, Transat Travel
Clients wanted to do Hawaii, stop in Vancouver first. travel to Japan . Yes made it happen ! they loved how I organized their trip customized
– Cathy Ieritano ON, Transat Travel
Does Niagara Falls shut off and what time?
Husband in London, England was deported and cannot enter Canada. Wants to vacation with wife in Caribbean…yes, I made it happen! Twice…in PVR AND Cuba so had to avoid the USA also!
– Annette Tomlinson ON, Travel Professionals International
Book a pig for air transfer to PEI – yes
– Beverly Johnston AB, Travel Time
Adjoining cabins for divorced couple travelling together on a cruise with their kids and (ex) in-laws. Yes, I was able to deliver! (I wonder if they reconciled?)
– Sherri Gorjanc BC, Tri Star Travel and Cruise
North Korea, no
– Alexandra Biddle NO,
Arrange for a private driver from Beirut to Damascus. Sure did!
– Dawne Wilson BC, Uniglobe Direct Travel
Being carried up Machu Picchu since they were not able to walk.
– Christina Morrison BC, Uniglobe One
‘Take an elephant to dinner’ in South Africa. Goway helped me deliver.
– Valerie Murphy ON, Vision Travel
Diving in a cage with white sharks
– Christine Pacifico QC, Vision Voyages Est-DT