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What is the oddest request from any of your clients? Were you able to deliver?

That their room was a certain number. Phoned the hotel and they said ok
Cruise out of Vegas. Yes.
An Alaskan cruise-sailing from Toronto. NO
What way does the toilet water flow?
Yes- googled it
Finding a companion for a cruiser.No
To see tunnels at Cosco peru – No
When is cherry picking season in BC? Yes.
Someone once asked how far the drive was to Hawaii…nope, couldn’t deliver!
By land from Vancovuer to Port Said Egypt. And I delivered.
Someone wanted to see the entire country of Canada in 4 days. No, we were not able to deliver.
Helping to choose the right suitcase. Yes.
To guarantee a sloth sighting. Yes but by luck not skill
Do I need a passport that is valid? Yes
If they could take their pet cat with them to an all inclusive resort in Cuba…….I fed their cat while they were away!
They wanted to take a baby on the Trans-Mongolian Railway. Yes!
To arrange a private visit with the Pope. No way I could have delivered that.
To drive from Bangkok to Manila. Was not able to deliver due to geography, lol!
Deliver best mans tux in Jamaica as he had not picked them up prior to departure. No
Will the Queen appear while we’re in the Palace?
I FAILED to deliver apparently ….
Ocean View Hotel in LAS, could not deliver!
It involved a UK Passport application. I had to take it to the UK and take it to the passport office since the Consulate in Canada has closed down. Yes I delivered!
I was once asked to ensure that every bed sheet my client slept on was at least 800 thread count. Unfortunately I was unable to deliver.
Can I meet a country superstar while in Nashville? And yes, I delivered.
Client requested that his credit card be charged in Euros while doing a tour in Britain because of the better exchange rate. I had to tell him that the currency in Britain was in GBP not Euros and never had been.
A visit to a cemetery in Myanmar.
Yes we found the grave site.
Tree house stay in Africa – Yes I was able to deliver.
Put a six pack of Corona and package of Old Dutch potato chips with a card in their cruise cabin.
I had someone who wanted to have red satin sheets in their room and no I could not get that one confirmed.
Ensuite bathroom in a camping tent. i tried my best, but it just wouldn’t work!
Client forgot her sweater in Israel and asked if we could recuperate it. The hotels couldn’t it, so we shipped her a gift card to Mark’s (As that’s where the sweater was from).
a photography tour/expedition in Mongolia; and yes we did it.
An older lady wanted a cruise ship cabin with a kitchenette…
Wanting a chocolate cake delivered at midnight! Yes of course, it happened at a safari lodge in South Africa.
Was asked to do a ski vacation for a single to vacation in Colorado with a group of other singles so he could meet someone special. Gave him some ski packages and tours in Aspen that he could meet other singles in ski classes and skiing events there.
can my mother go with us up the trail to Machu Picchu she is in a wheel chair. The Mother didn’t go.
Mirrors on the ceiling for their honeymoon.
Yes, of course!!
Advising guests on South Africa tours to bring sports bras due to rough roads and bumpy drives
to travel with a hedgehog — YES
Send two dogs to Florida without any person accompanying them.
luxury accommodations on African Safari
wanted ME to fly down from Canada to New Orleans with clients new narcotic prescription that was stolen from their room in destination. And NO – I was not able to deliver, lol….
See northern light within driving distance of Toronto. It is a hit or miss depending on the date.
I had a couple that wanted to go on Safari in South Africa, and then visit the pyramids in Egypt since they were ‘already in Africa’. I tried to talk them out of it, but they insisted, so I did it.
Seat for a deceased passenger (cremated)
Wanted to have a destination wedding in a bat-cave .
run with the bulls in Pampolona
A client wanted me to ensure that no creepy crawlies would be able to get into her tent on her Africa trip with Intrepid. As far as I know, she kept her tent closed and did not have any creepy crawlies.
A couple going on a trip but wanted separate rooms.
Iraq in the middle of the Iraq war. Um no…
Private driver for 5 days in Australia to do a wine tour for under $2000.00 Canadian. Could not deliver for that price.
travel transatlantic by freight . and yes delivered
Clear weather in Alaska. Yes!!
Cycling with their two sons in the Himalayas.
Yes, we were able to find them a great airfare through Silk Holidays.
To sleep in a recliner chair on a cruiseship. Yes I found a company who could deliver that to the ship.
Can I take my car with me to Europe? No.
Making a restaurant reservation in Japan many years ago when there was no internet.
Yes, I called and made the reservation directly.
Snow Shoes for a group of five treking into the High Artic. Absolutely……
Wanted to rent a horse! Not able to deliver.
Could I please have lasagna on my flight.
No , I was not able to deliver.
pet a cheetah cub
As a single traveller, one asked me to ONLY pay the single supplement as she is the perfect sleeper and everyone else snores!! No snorers please!!
Flying a person back from destination because his false teeth had been stolen in a bathroom at the airport. Yes we were able to deliver on his request.
Could you find male travelling companion for me. NO
Client wanted to visit as many wool shops in Ireland as possible in a 1 week period. She came home with a suitcase of wool….some was shipped home. Over 50 wool shops….over 7 per day. Amazing!
Game of Thrones themed tour.
Heck yes!
Long-term customer who often stayed at the Plaza in NYC called one day and asked for a top suite for a month but wanted a specific color so that it ‘matched her ‘aura’. She was very adamant about it. Because she had stayed there many times and this was a big booking the hotel actually repainted the room and bought new linens to fulfill her color request. My thought was what if her aura color changed before arrival but that didn’t seem to be an issue as she was very happy with the room!
nude beaches in Rio. Wanted a Hotel close to the action. His wife and pre teen son were travelling with him. Hotel within their price range close to the beach was purchased on their behalf. I don’t know about the nudity.
Sturgeon caviar on an aircraft.
Yes but I had 2 weeks notice so was able to find the best and had Air flight attendant serve to him for breaKFAST WHILE FLYING OVERSEAS. THIS WAS BEFORE 911 EVENT
When I first started in the industry…Over 30 years plus ago. I had a man come in the agency to get brochures on CANADA for his honeymoon with his future wife…I said to him ‘wouldn’t you also like to check other destinations like Caribbean, Mexico etc’ He replied…’Oh no, no thank you, with aids that’s going around we wouldn’t want to take a chance’ !!!
To make sure the Pope will be in the Vatican when they are there. He was – but hey didn’t meet him in person – he was busy 🙂
I want to ride an Ostrich -I chose not to book it
To swim with crocks. No I did not deliver.
A tour of Downtown Abbey
Yes I was able to get them a tour with
To see the polar bear parade down the main street of Churchill, MB. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the bears to co-operate and they didn’t show up at the muster point in time.
To stand in Tuscany on the farm overlooking the rolling hills with a glass of wine in hand.
Yes! CIT Tours made it happen for my client!
#13 on everything from room number to floor to seats on the plane… I delivered!
a client asked to sit on the sunniest side of the plane. I think so!
Hostel in Dubai, no
an elderly widowed man wanted me to go to local Victoria Secret store and buy some thong underwear for a female employee of resort he frequented. I told him I would but needed to know her size. he didn’t know so I couldn’t fulfill his(her?) request. it was pretty fun considered he was 80 and his female friend was about 35…
being asked if I had anyone flying to California that could take a robin with them as this bird had forgotten to fly south for the winter and was stuck in her yard. ummm….what???!!!
Custom tour in Northern Romania to search family roots. Exotik delivered amazingly
Can I ensure my cruise balcony always faces the ocean? Could not accommodate. Told the client the ship can dock one sire or the other. There is no guaranteed way.
Vegetarian no alcohol Culinary tour of Italy
yes but too expensive for guest
Because bottled water is so expensive in France, should I take a case with me? The answer was NO
Dental vacation to Mexico for teeth fixing. No we politely declined.
the oddest request I have ever had was if I was if they could have a mountain view on their flight.
‘Can we take a tour across South America by horse back only?’
To have the vents vacuumed in the hotel room and new pillows and bedding on the bed – she had quite severe allergies. I was able to deliver.
Had a lady ask if she could take a bus from Regina to Portugal!!
Could not deliver! lol
A client wanted to sail all the way from Vancouver BC to England. I could get a cruise from New York to UK, but she had to fly to NewYork. She would have liked to cruise all the way there to the UK without flying at all!
client had the wrong puppy carrier for the aircraft -would not be allowed on so I arranged to get my personal one to him to use so puppy could board the plane 🙂
to book a seat for a Cello on a flight and yes with Air Canada.
My client was travelling on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight with a large cat in cargo. She asked if she could also travel with the cat in cargo. She reasoned that since I was a mother, that surely I would understand the need for her to be with the cat. I was able to deliver the cat and the passenger but they didn’t arrive in cargo together!
Private submarine ride to propose. No as they did not have the budget to accomodate
Help find daughters purse left on the plane and yes I was able to find it and get it returned.
One client once asked me how far her 9 year old child could walk out into the ocean in Thailand before going under. I told her it was a little bit difficult for me to say as I wasn’t sure where exactly in Thailand she was speaking of or how tall or short her 9 year old child was.
Oddest request was an orgy/gang bang vacation for swingers. I was not able to deliver.
Travel with the cat, with some struggle- found some cat friendly hotels
A fresh orange sliced and served chilled each morning before breakfast
Visit to Gorilla Sanctuary, No
Can she have a parachute on the plane. Not able to deliver
Ordering a Christmas tree for their hotel room in PVR over Christmas 2016. Yes the Barceló Hotel was able to purchase one for them prior to their arrival.
310 thread count cotton sheets. No
Last weekend….Easter Sunday. A corporate client asked if I would do his 23 hour online check-in at 5:20PM with Lufthansa to get his preferred seating done as he would be eating Easter dinner. I guess he felt my family dinner was not as important. I did excuse myself from the table to do his check-in.
pls no liquor in my mini bar…and yes was able
The client requested to put a hole in the wall of the gym in a hotel in Palawan, Philippines so she can have her TRX suspended. Obviously, the hotel did not allow it of course for safety reasons. This is the same client who requested to have a gym built in a hotel in the middle of Borneo before they arrive.
Seeing tigers in Africa! No, not able to deliver!
client requested to bring her artwork onboard and asked if she could set up a studio to paint. This was on Crystal Symphony. She was able to paint in the theater, when it was not being used.
Yes i was able to deliver
Client wants to go to Antartica for just one day to say he touched down there. Still working on it!
The client wanted a flight option with an extra connection so he could enjoy his meal on the plane. Yes, I was able to book him a 2 stop flight rather than 1 stop so he can have a extra meal onboard.
A 93 year old passenger wanting to know what a ‘Hurricane cocktail’ was while in New Orleans. We were able to accommodate and were thanked profusely!!