Accelerating The A.I. Conversation With SAP Concur’s Brian Hace

The travel industry is increasingly embracing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), with tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers, and other providers viewing it as a valuable tool for use within their businesses.

In the second part of Baxter Media’s ‘A.I. Insights: Conversations with the Experts’ series, SAP Concur’s Head of Travel Products and TMC Services, Brian Hace provided some critical insights on how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the travel industry, and offered some advice on how the travel trade can utilize this emerging technology to better serve their clients.

As travel becomes more complex, with more suppliers and itineraries to choose from, A.I. is becoming an essential part of the decision-making and booking processes. As Hace described it, A.I. is “an accelerator, so it is something that allows us to bring value faster to our clients.”

During the 30-minute conversation with Baxter Media’s executive editor, Bob Mowat, Hace pointed out that “A.I. is really good at streamlining a lot of information and then allowing the traveller to go: ‘OK, I’m looking at 100 hotels, I’ve got amenities – how do I narrow really quickly to my specific ask?’”

And if you missed the live event, you can watch the full 30-minute recording of the session on Baxter Media’s YouTube channel here.

Keep an eye out for future episodes of the interview series, where Canadian Travel Press’ Executive Editor, Bob Mowat, will talk with leading experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence to share their knowledge on how A.I. will shape the future of travel distribution.

From machine learning integrated booking tools to predictive forecasting, this series covers how A.I. actually works, where it will take us over the next 10 years, and who’s at the forefront of this unprecedented shift.