ACITA Meets With Transport Minister

ACITA is continuing to meet with officials at all government levels, and this week it met with Transport Minister, Omar Alghabra – a meeting that came about due to ACITA’s determination to maintain relationships and continue important conversations with a multitude of government officials.

The Minister of Transport has maintained important communication with, and an understanding of the unique challenges within the sector. He recognized the vital role travel advisors play in the tourism industry, and specifically how it relates to the Transportation portfolio.

Minister Alghabra was very well aware of the tremendous impact the recent weather-related ‘ordeal’ (as he referred to it) had on our businesses, and while he doesn’t have immediate solutions to our unique challenges, he committed to being available to us to listen to our innovative ideas and creative solutions, and help however he can.

He also recognized that there are more issues than just one weather event hindering our sector from recovery, and that all stakeholders play vital roles. We also had some feedback with regards to the ongoing discussions being had surrounding changes to Air Passenger Rights.

While it may seem we’ve been quiet at ACITA, we continue stay connected to our supporters in government, working towards a plan to protect all travel advisors and travel agencies from commission recalls for work we’ve completed.

Last week we met with MP Xavier Barsalou-Duval, Vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. ACITA is determined to change an industry that has always been based on the “status quo.” Our industry has changed, our business models have changed, our suppliers also need to change. We are responsible for 60 – 70% of the business of a majority of our suppliers and feel there must be a way to have mutual respect, as valued partners. The MP was extremely helpful, providing some avenues to pursue next.

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