ACITA Petition Wants In-Destination Testing Dropped

The Association of Canadian Independent Travel Advisors (ACITA) has launched a new e-Petition that’s now open for signatures.

ACITA recently conducted a survey of its members which found that over 65% of travel advisors believe that PCR testing in-destination is the single greatest deterrent for consumers to book new travel as clients are most worried about testing positive in destination and having to quarantine in a foreign country.

The industry association points out that there is an expanding list of countries which have eliminated the requirement of a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test results for vaccinated travellers, including but not limited to the U.K., Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Germany and Denmark.

The e-Petition — sponsored by MP Melissa Lantsman, Shadow Minister for Transport — asks the federal government to remove the requirement for travellers to obtain a negative PCR test for re-entry into Canada.

The petition will be open for signatures until March 10, 2022 and colleagues in the travel industry are encouraged to sign it and ask their clients to sign it as well.

Agents and their clients can access Petition #e-3835 by clicking here.