ACITA Says: Sign The Petition

For over a year now, the travel industry has dealt with setbacks, agency closures and a zero-recovery rate because of government imposed travel restrictions.

The Association of Canadian Independent Travel Advisors (ACITA) is tired of waiting and it’s calling on travel advisors, agency owners and travel industry personnel to join with them in gathering signatures for an onslaught of paper petitions to be read by MP’s in the House of Commons.

A paper petition only requires 25 signatures in order to be presented in the House of Commons by a sponsoring MP.

In order to be valid, the people signing need to be a resident or citizen of Canada, provide their contact information, and there is no minimum age. They don’t have to belong to the Travel Industry, and they can be members of the same household.

Flemming Friisdahl, President of The Travel Agent Next Door, said: “This is a really great way to have our voice continually heard in the House of Commons, on an ongoing basis. We need to keep our requirements front and centre until we receive the assistance that will keep this industry going for years to come.”

ACITA’s co-founder, Judith Coates stated: “We want to flood the House of Commons with the message that we will not back down until the Government recognizes that the Travel Industry needs support.”

Coates continued: “There are currently 3 different Petitions available for signature — one for commission protection from the Airlines/Tour Companies who are still in negotiations with the Government for a bailout package, one for an extension of the CRB, and one for Sector Specific funding.”

ACITA is asking for all Travel Advisors to get on board to make this happen.  Full instructions are included with the Petitions, when they are sent to you.

For those interested in gathering 25 signatures for a Paper Petition, you can submit your information at and the Petitions will be sent to you by ACITA, along with additional instructions.