ACTA Campus Adds French Content


French content is now available on the ACTA Campus.

ACTA members now have access to the programs that have been designed to enable lifelong learning through personal continuing education in both official languages.

With this launch Air Canada’s Global Sales University, top industry Specialist Programs and webinars are available in both languages with more planned to be release in 2017.

Christine Chilton, ACTA director of education said: “We are thrilled that certification & training content is now available in French. With the ACTA Campus available in both French and English we can now offer all of our members premium continuing education content.”

Chilton also noted that in partnership with Air Canada, the Air Canada Expert (ACE) Certification Exams are now available. Travel agents can complete the Air Canada Global Sales University curriculum and be on their way to becoming a certified Air Canada Expert (ACE).

Rob Puzzo, manager, alliances sales strategy and sales effectiveness for Air Canada, commented: “What we want to achieve with the Global Sales University is the ability to equip our travel partners with the tools that can help them sell the value of Air Canada effectively. Air Canada’s partnership with ACTA in the ACTA Campus will help enhance agents’ knowledge of Air Canada’s network and products, making them experts and effective Brand Ambassadors.”

Puzzo continued: “We realize we have a very competitive marketplace and agencies are required to know more about all the products and services of each carrier, cruise line, hotel or car rental chains they can sell. This platform allows us to provide them with the product knowledge in an engaging way.”

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