ACTA Launches Destinations Committee

ACTA is launching a new committee that will serve as a forum for tourist boards and destination representatives in Canada to connect with their counterparts, filling a gap in Canada left by ANTOR.

The ACTA Committee of Tourist Offices and Destination Representatives will offer a forum for tourist offices and destinations representatives to meet and exchange ideas, connect with like-minded professionals, and develop relationships with all sectors of the travel industry.

Members of the committee are expected to collaborate on a wide range of issues affecting travel and tourism, with meetings are scheduled at the end of each quarter throughout 2021.

The first meeting of the committee is scheduled for Wed., March 31 from 2:30 – 4:00 PM.

The committee’s activities throughout 2021will include:

  • Quarterly meetings to discuss ideas and exchange views.
  • Work closely with the Canadian travel industry and forge meaningful partnerships with travel agencies, trade associations and suppliers.
  • Share the latest advocacy research and insights of the Canadian travel trends and forecasts.
  • Additional opportunities to participate in ACTA events

Currently 18 destinations have contributed to ACTA membership and are part of this committee including:

  • Cayman Islands
  • Consulate General of Cuba
  • Czech Tourism
  • Flanders, Belgium
  • Greater Palm Springs
  • Israel Ministry of Tourism
  • Inside Asia
  • Italian National Tourist Board
  • Jamaica Tourism Board
  • Martinique
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Nicaraguan Tourism Board
  • Portugal Tourist Board
  • Tourist Office of Spain
  • Visit Alentejo
  • VisitBritain
  • Visit Orlando
  • Visit Jordan
  • VisitScotland

Tourist Boards and Destination representatives must be a member of ACTA to participate in the committee.  The annual fee for this category of membership is CDN$1,000 with all proceeds being invested right back into the membership to foster the success and prosperity of our members through advocacy and professional development.

For more information about the committee contact: Marco Pozzobon Director, Marketing, Communications & Partnerships | [email protected]  Tel: (905) 282-9294 | TF: (888) 257-2282 ext. 123

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