ACTA Hosting NDC Webinars

ACTA is hosting two webinars – one with Air Canada and one with Amadeus – to help travel advisors understand the New Distribution Technology (NDC) which Air Canada is made available on June 15, 2023.

Wendy Paradis, ACTA president, said: “We find there is significant confusion about NDC capability and impacts. ACTA will be having a number of webinars over the next several months with our airline and GDS partners to help increase knowledge and clear up any confusion.”

Travel Agencies and Travel Advisors are welcome to join ACTA’s NDC English and French webinars on June 19, 2023 presented by Air Canada.

A second NDC webinar is scheduled with Amadeus on June 28, 2023.

Non- ACTA members are asked to consider joining ACTA, or to make a donation to the ACTA Advocacy Fund.

The two seminars are as follows:

June 19: Air Canada: An Introduction to NDC – New Distribution Capabilities

The global travel distribution market is rapidly changing, and Air Canada is modernizing its product distribution to offer more tailored content at the best available rates, which is now achievable thanks to New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology.

During this webinar, Air Canada will provide more information on:

  • The challenges and limitations of current legacy GDS Edifact platforms
  • The adoption of NDC technology globally
  • The features, benefits, and unique content available through NDC channels
  • The ways in which to access Air Canada’s NDC program
  • The NDC Coupon Incentive
  • How Air Canada is addressing unsustainable legacy distribution costs

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June 28: Booking NDC – Sourced offers with Amadeus

Join our experts and learn more about the Amadeus NDC [X] Program and how you can provide more relevant, tailored offers to your customers. Plus, time at the end for a Q&A session.

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