ACTA issues statement following conclusion of WestJet strike

In a statement released this morning (July 2), ACTA says that it “is deeply concerned about the impact of the recent WestJet disruptions on travellers, travel agencies, and travel advisors.”

The industry association notes that: “While we’re relieved the strike has concluded, we recognize the significant challenges it has created. We’ve heard from many of our members about the extreme difficulties they’ve faced in rebooking clients and securing appropriate compensation. The situation has placed an undue burden on travel agencies and travel advisors, who have worked tirelessly to assist affected travellers.”

And the statement continues: “Although we appreciate the difficulty WestJet faced over the last few days, ACTA believes that when airlines face operational issues within their control resulting in cancellations, they should take full responsibility for all aspects of their customers’ bookings and make their customers whole for any losses incurred.”

ACTA also said that: “We’re also advocating for fair compensation for travel advisors who have spent countless hours managing these disruptions on behalf of their clients. Their time and effort should be recognized and compensated appropriately.”

And the statement concludes: “ACTA is committed to working with all parties involved to improve policies and procedures that protect travellers, travel agencies, and travel advisors during unforeseen disruptions. We will continue to push for solutions that ensure fair treatment for all parties involved in these challenging situations.”