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ACTA Looking for Ontario Council Members


ACTA is looking for volunteers to become members of the ACTA Ontario Regional Council.

The association represents the interests of travel agencies across Canada. While the ACTA National Board of Directors oversees and guides the association as a whole, the ACTA Ontario Regional Council does the same for the Ontario Region. This council reports to the national board and the council chair is a member of the national board.

ACTA’s Ontario Regional Council takes a direct part in the Ontario travel industry and appoints representatives to the Board of Directors of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO). ACTA Council representatives sit on TICO committees such as the Minimum Education Standards, Business Strategy, Compensation Fund, Governance, Complaints and Alternate Finance Committees.

The ACTA Ontario Regional Council Members serve a two-year term of office. Nominations are now being accepted for four elected Retail positions open on the Ontario Regional Council.

The elections will be held this month with the new council convening within 30 days following the elections.

To receive further information about the Ontario Regional Council, contact Fiona Bowen at the ACTA Ontario Office at 905-282-9294, ext. 126, or toll 1-888-257-2282.


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