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Association Survey Agents As It Prepares To Ramp Up Advocacy Efforts

As ACTA prepares to ramp up its advocacy efforts, the association is looking to members to provide the ‘vital information’ it needs to continue to make the industry’s case with the federal government.

To that end, it has launched a  new industry survey inviting all travel agency owners and independent travel agents to provide it with input.

In June 2021, ACTA conducted a similar survey for travel agencies and the new survey initiative is intended to update that data and includes new questions for independent travel agents.

ACTA notes that it’s critical for it to have as many accurate responses as possible and that’s why it’s asking the industry to take the time to complete the survey as soon as possible.

Wendy Paradis, president of ACTA, explained: “Along with our intense advocacy efforts around the easing of excessive travel restrictions including the pre-departure molecular COVID-19 test and the blanket “avoid all cruise travel outside Canada” advisory, we remain highly focused on securing maximum financial support for travel agencies and Independent Travel Agents to help them survive and recover from the pandemic.”

She pointed out that: “ACTA continues to work at the highest level within the Ministry of Finance and they require new and up-to-date data to support our advocacy work. Higher quality data means we get more attention from decision makers.”

And said ACTA’s boss: “As part of ACTA’s advocacy strategy, we collect and report critical sector data to politicians and senior government officials. This data shapes ACTA’s messaging and guides what we ask of the federal government.”

The federal government is making decisions right now on the Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program and the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit.

“By providing this data now, we can help shape the policy outcomes of these financial aid programs in a way that supports our sector best,” she said.

The survey can be found HERE and is open to responses until Tues., Nov. 16.

Paradis concluded: “We urge all travel agency owners and independent travel agents to complete it.”


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