ACTA Gears Up For Vote With Operation Survival: Phase II

ACTA is gearing up for the federal election campaign with the launch of Operation Survival: Phase II, noting that it provides a great opportunity to make support for the industry an election issue.

Wendy Paradis, ACTA president, observes: “Now more than ever, ACTA is urging members to engage in grassroots advocacy efforts by meeting with Members of Parliament, all candidates, and other decision-makers to ensure sectoral support for Travel, Tourism and Travel Agent issues becomes an election issue. This election provides a unique opportunity for us to elevate our message.”

Paradis said that: “In addition to requesting and participating in meetings with your local MP and election candidates, writing articles for local newspapers and repurposing ACTA messages on social media is critically important to this effort.”

The industry association points out that politicians will be looking to their constituents closely during the election period, and these “grassroots” communications have a real impact on what they see as election issues.

ACTA is working with other travel and tourism associations on this effort across Canada and the combined goal is for the Associations and their Members to have 1,000 meetings per week between now and September 20.

Said ACTA’s president: “This means that our sector– Travel Agencies and Travel Agents– need to have a combined minimum of 150 meetings between now and election day to do our part. This work is critical in ensuring travel, tourism, and travel agent business survival is an election issue.”

To support travel agency owners and travel agents in executing Operation Survival: Phase II, ACTA is providing two tactics:

  • Providing members with key notes for meetings and a template email/letter to engage politicians and other decision-makers
  • Launching the Advocacy Meeting Reporting Tool

The Advocacy Meeting Reporting Tool is important as it allows members to report their meetings to ACTA quickly and online, which will keep ACTA informed of all activity and allow them to engage targeted and more effective advocacy work. ACTA will acknowledge members who use the reporting tool by entering them in a draw to win a $500 Visa gift card.

In addition, ACTA is available to support members in any way to promote this important initiative. Members are invited to contact Avery Campbell, Advocacy and Industry Relations Specialist for further support: [email protected]

Additional initiatives will continue to be released by ACTA over the coming weeks when the election ramps up.

Meanwhile, ACTA continues to have critical advocacy meetings with the federal and provincial governments and key politicians.

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