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ACTA Shuns British Airways Move

ACTA is sharing in the disappointment being expressed throughout the travel industry towards British Airways and sister carrier Iberia’s announcement to impose a distribution fee on all bookings made through a Global Distribution System (GDS) not employing an NDC-led connection.

ACTA president Wendy Paradis commented, “Travellers need consistency, transparency and choice. This can only be accomplished by providing content in all distribution channels. A surcharge imposed for booking through a GDS is not in the best interest of the traveller or our industry.”

The surcharge will come into force in November, covering fares in all cabins and classes. BA’s move follows the introduction of a $24 fee on GDS bookings by rival Lufthansa in September 2015.

According to ACTA, the BA strategy will be another cost passed on to the consumer in the form of an added “tax,” or surcharge which for the travel agency is considered a non-commissionable fee.

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