ACTA reinforced its commitment to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism when David McCaig (pictured), president and COO, put his signature on a document crafted by the UNWTO for prestigious private sector tourism associations worldwide during the 1st Summit of Presidents of Travel Agencies Associations in Spain. By signing, ACTA made a formal pledge to uphold ethical tourism principals related to the sustainable and, above all, responsible development of tourism, enshrined within the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics. Given ACTA’s standing as one of the foremost tourism associations in Canada, Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of UNWTO delivered a formal letter to McCaig asking for ACTA’s participation in a special signing ceremony taking place at the Summit. In signing, ACTA undertakes to promote the Code of Ethics among partners, employees and/or shareholders, and to inform the World Committee on Tourism Ethics about initiatives taken to implement the code’s principals.