ACTA To Host Fraud Seminar In Ottawa


Following successful fraud seminars in Calgary and Edmonton, ACTA is expanding the series to include Ottawa on April 7.

Reports indicate that fraudsters are showing no favoritism towards any one supplier, travel agent, or tactic. In Edmonton, for instance, one third of agency owners attending the seminar had experienced a fraud attempt.

Presenters during the event were front line fraud experts and included Alexis Gunderson and Lisa Carlson of the WestJet Fraud Division, Normand Schafer of Perseuss, Detective Bill Allen in Calgary and Constable West in Edmonton. Allen took a moment to comment and stated, “I felt that the sessions as a whole were on target, one of the best I have been involved in. The information provided directly related to the target audience.”

Topics discussed were specific to the travel industry and covered the growth of fraud over the last 14 years, first-hand experiences with fraud schemes, how to prevent them, and the tools to help identify fraudulent activity.

ACTA’s next session will be held at the Ottawa Airport on April 7 and will include an airport tour and a session on fraud prevention. Those interested in participating can e-mail [email protected] .