ACTA Urges Ontario Agents To Speak Up, Change The System

With the Travel Industry Council of Ontario’s (TICO) Funding Framework and Fee Review consultations now closed ACTA is urgently requesting all Ontario travel agency registrants to support its efforts and advocate to the Ontario government to finally fix this 40-year-old legislation and its regulations, which in no way reflect the environment of the Ontario travel industry today.

ACTA has publicly and repeatedly stated that the TICO Proposals are essentially cosmetic changes – and are simply band-aids on a broken system.

The industry association has noted that the proposed funding framework is not based on the risk profile of the registrant, and the consumer is not legislated to contribute, leaving the burden squarely on the shoulders of Ontario travel agencies and tour operators.

ACTA says that the window to change the system is open now and it could be years before it is opened again.

To help, travel agencies can click the link below to use ACTA’s quick and easy template to send an impactful letter to their Member of Provincial Parliament with copies to the Premier and key Cabinet Ministers click here.

In addition, ACTA Ontario Members are encouraged to share their story and support the need for a modernized, relevant, and fair Ontario Travel Industry Act by sending a personal letter to their MPP. This is a very powerful way to connect with decision makers. ACTA Members are encouraged to do so and share a copy with ACTA at [email protected].

The deadline to submit letters, both auto-generated and personal, is Mon., Nov. 27, 2023. ACTA will be meeting with senior Ontario government officials on Nov. 30, 2023, and member’s letters will support ACTA’s message in preparation for its government meetings.

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