ACTA Warns: Agencies Will Fail Without Federal Supports

ACTA is warning the federal government that many travel agencies and independent travel agents could fail now that federal supports are being aggressively wound down this month.

The association has been lobbying extensively for continued support for the travel sector, given that borders are still closed and travel advisories remain – and there is no clear plan for re-opening.

There has been no agreement from the government to extend support to the sector, even with a provision in the budget for some support to be extended to November.

Wendy Paradis, ACTA president, said: “We are extremely disappointed that the government has not heard our plea for the travel sector — as part of the hardest hit industries – to receive extended support through the end of this year.”

Paradis added: “We will continue our efforts to push for this because we know many will not survive without it.”

ACTA points out that as provided for in the budget, federal supports begin reducing this month (July) and continues to decline through September, when they will end.

CEWS and CERS will decline to 60% for the period July 4 to July 31. Effective Aug. 1 to Aug. 28 both programs decline further to 40% and both programs decline to 20% effective Aug. 29, ending on Sept. 25.

CRB will be reduced effective July 18 to July 31, from $900 to $540 (after taxes withheld) for a 2-week period.

Eligible CRB recipients can apply for a total of 25 periods (50 weeks) between Sept. 27, 2020 and Sept. 25, 2021.

ACTA points out that many travel agencies have been relying on the wage subsidy and rent subsidy programs and many independent travel agents on the CRB.

The House of Commons is now shut down for the summer and MPs are working from their constituency offices. Provinces are also easing restrictions allowing people to hold in-person meetings.

Paradis points out that: “Over the past 15 months, ACTA has asked you to write to your local MP and tell them your story. Now is the time to call and request an in-person meeting if possible. Tell them the importance of extending CERS, CEWS, and the CRB in full.”

ACTA’s president said that: “Along with ACTA’s advocacy work, travel agents need to do everything they can, including sharing their stories in local papers and on social media in an effort to get government’s attention.”

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