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ACTA’s Travel Agent Appreciation Day 5 Step

ACTA is celebrating Travel Agent Day (beginning today, May 6, and continuing through the month of May) by offering them a huge “thank you” for all the hours of work and determination that they put in to caring for the traveling public.

The association is asking its members and industry allies to use Travel Agent Day to have some fun while building awareness and educating the traveling public, policymakers and the media on the value that Travel Agents contribute to the travel ecosystem.

Agents can take advantage of one or all the steps. Each step is aligned with an ACTA pillar:

  • Step 1: Celebrate your day, Have fun, Win a prize!
  • Step 2: Promote yourself
  • Step 3: Be an Advocate
  • Step 4: Study like a pro
  • Step 5: Take advantage of the perks

ACTA’s 5 steps to celebrate Travel Agent Day through the month of May are simple, fun and can be found by going to .

And it’s inviting all travel agents to Join ACTA and their peers in celebrating by taking part in one– or all– of the five steps. Travel agents have the month of May to enjoy this opportunity.

ACTA wishes all travel agents in Canada and throughout the world a Happy Travel Agent day!

Go to for more.

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